Tuesday, January 19, 2010

29 down...11 to go!

 Natasha is the size of a squash!

Belly shot at Jackie's Baby Shower

I hope to use the title of this post again, but in regards to my weight loss once Baby Natasha is born. However this post pertains to me being in my 29th week of pregnancy and only 11 weeks to go! I'm starting to feel bigger, not uncomfortable, but noticeably bigger. And according to TheBump.com, things are getting a little squished inside my belly as Baby Natasha is the size of a squash this week. So I am prepared for some kicks and jabs to my ribs as she settles into a comfy spot. Her brain can detect rhythmic breathing and control body temperature, so she is less likely to need breathing assistance should she be born early. She's growing eyelashes, adding fat, and developing her brain. Because of brain wave activity, researchers have speculated that babies can even dream at this time!
As for me, I'm still feeling pretty good. Besides getting bigger, I have noticed that I am more tired these days. And with the rain, I haven't been able to go on my walks. But with my last day of work approaching soon, I will be able to walk during the day instead of at night after work and I will be able to add more prenatal yoga classes to my schedule!
This past weekend was my BFF, Jackie's Baby shower. We modeled our pregnant bellies in the second picture above. It was a big success and we all had a great time and I think Baby Kyra will love all the gifts she received. I'm now looking forward to my shower in March. The invites have not even gone out yet and we have already received our first gift off of our registry! Our good friends, Ben and Ingrid bought us the Baby Bjorn Carrier.  They were down here for Jackie's shower and stayed with Zac and I all weekend. It's funny because I went to my registry a couple of days before Jackie's shower to make some changes and I noticed that one item was purchased. I had a guess as to who bought it (I was wrong by the way) and was curious if it was going to be mailed or given to me in person. It was a great surprise! As for the doll in the carrier, it is a practice baby for Chauncey. We are trying to teach him that not all of our attention will be directed towards him when Natasha arrives. I read an article in my Fit Pregnancy magazine about techniques we should use help prepare Chauncey for Natasha's arrival and homecoming. The first 2 days that I wore the Bjorn with the doll in it, he tried to jump up on me to smell the carrier and doll. But tonight he did not jump and I then let him sniff the carrier and doll when I sat next to him. It will be a work in progress!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye 2nd Trimester...Welcome 3rd!

Time is flying by. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester and less than 3 months Baby Natasha will be here! I am 28 weeks pregnant and still feeling pretty good. We had our doctor's appointment today and the good news is that I passed my diabetes test! However, I gained a little too much weight since my last appointment. I blame it on the holidays and Baby Natasha could have had a growth spurt! We have another appointment in two weeks, so hopefully I can keep my weight gain under control. Other than that, I'm measuring right on track and Baby Natasha's heartbeat is strong.

According to TheBump.com, Baby Natasha's lungs are mature enough, that if born right now, she would have a pretty good chance of surviving (with medical intervention). But we want her to stay put and bake a while longer and put on some fat so her wrinkly skin will smooth out. Baby Natasha is kicking and boxing me everyday and I love it! She is really active after I eat and when I'm completely relaxed in bed at night. After lunch today, I saw the right side of my belly move. It was a big movement. I had Zac watch to see if she would do it again, but sure enough she was done. I'm still trying to figure out how she is positioned in the womb because all of her movements have been below my belly button. She must be in a pretty comfortable spot and doesn't feel the need to move yet.

This weekend is my friend Jackie's baby shower. I'm looking forward to seeing her and celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Kyra (Baby Natasha's BFF). My last day of work will be January 29th! I'll be sad to go, but I'm looking forward to staying at home with Baby Natasha. Then I will have my shower in March and after that, I will have my work cut out for me to get her nursery complete. Many things to look forward too! Stay tuned for more...