Thursday, October 29, 2015


 On our way to Meet and Greet Day!

 First assignment... What she hopes to learn in Kindergarten? 
 Learn how to read.  She is on her way too.

 First official day of school
 Our happy girl

 Noe and Tasha at the same school again! 
However they are not in the same class.
 Noe, Tasha and Taylor. 
My little fish in a big big pond.  Be good to her, Kindergarten.

Natasha loves Kindergarten... YAY!  This was no surprise, she has always loved school.  And Natasha loves doing homework, which she does immediately and always asks to do more.  I hope this positive attitude continues through all her years in school.  She is also in an afterschool program three days a week.  It has been a great addition to her school day.  Plus, she has met other Kindergartners that are not in her class, but she sees on the playground or walking to school.  I have been volunteering in her class every other Thursday and I really enjoy it.  It is great to see what she is learning, what her day consists of and I get to know the kids in her class.  Natasha is always so excited when I come and help out, hopefully she will still enjoy it when I chaperone her school dances in high school.  Just kidding, I would never do that.  It is going to be a great year!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Summer Bucket List

 Bucket List #1: Pool Day (Rancho Santa Margarita Lagoon). 
This was followed by many pool days.
 Bucket List #2: Watch Fireworks (at Woodbridge Lake). 
 Happy Independence Day!
 Bucket List #3: See Inside Out.  Best movie of the summer.
This was also Nikolaus' first movie in the theater.
He did great with a little popcorn and Skittles.
 Bucket List #4: Beach Day (Newport Beach). 
Had a great beach day with Zac's cousin and his family. 
Big waves, but that didn't stop the kids from splashing
 in the surf and looking for sea shells.
 Bucket List #5: Arts and Crafts Day.  Using the sea shells
we found from our beach day, the kids painted them
and then we glued them onto a mirror and a small wooden box.
 Bucket List #6: Go to an Angels Game. 
 Supported Brooks' Smile Train tailgate
 and then watched the Angels win. 
Adam's summer bucket list included taking
a photo with our bucket list.  Check and check.
 Bucket List #7: Water Park (in Ladera). 
 Best way to beat the heat... splashing around with friends.

 Bucket List #8: Play Date with Friends (Baby Beach on Balboa)
We love playing with our cousins!

 Bucket List #9: Ice Cream Treat. 
 First ever Balboa Bars for the kids. 
They loved them and I enjoyed one too.
 Bucket List #10: Baking with Mommy. 
 Lots of fun, but very messy. 
Might be a while before we do that again. 
We made blueberry muffins and a raspberry cream cheese tart.
 Bucket List #11: Family Movie Night.  Minions movie. 
 Zac took the day off and we had a great family day.
 Bucket List #12: Make Snow Cones. 
Using the old school Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. 
Kids loved it!
 Bucket List #13: Park Day (Rocket Ship Park in Laguna). 
 Our favorite park to visit with our cousins.
 Bucket List #14: Go to Breakfast. 
These kiddos loved their silver dollar pancakes. 
I love breakfast, period.
Bucket List #15: Kid's Choice. 
Natasha chose a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. 
We went the day before she started Kindergarten...
Perfect end to our summer.
My friend, Shellie does a summer bucket list every summer with her kids.  So, this year I thought I would do the same.  I asked her if I could use her ideas and the very next day there was a surprise waiting on my doorstep.  Shellie had printed them out and delivered them to me.  There were at least 30 bucket list items to choose from.  I'm glad that we got at least 15 of them done.  It was nice to have some fun ideas to break up all the time we spent at the pool.  Besides the bucket list, Natasha had a camp at her preschool, she continued dance and swim lessons, and she kept pretty busy hanging out with friends and family.  Nikolaus also had swim lessons and had fun hanging out with his "buddies" and family.  Now we are in full swing of Kindergarten and soccer season.  But, we are still enjoying some pool days since our summer weather has decided to stick around a bit longer.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tasha Tells It All

Tasha in her German dirndl dress
Seeing her first movie in the theaters - Cinderella
Mother's Day Tea at Preschool

Dad and Tasha at Father's Day Festivities at Preschool
Freeing our butterflies - Science project
Seeing cousin Maxx in the musical, Seussical Jr.

Last Preschool Performance

Natasha and her bestie

Can't believe she is a Kindergartner now

Last Parade at Preschool

First dance recital - So proud of Natasha

Our little free spirit at music class
All of a sudden our little girl turns five and then becomes a Kindergartner.  Her last couple of months of preschool were busy and filled with fun. 
Tasha Tells It All:
At the newspaper vending machine:
Tasha: Do you put a coin in and win a magazine?
At Cold Stone with Zac:
Tasha: what are you going to get?
Zac: I'm making my own.
Tasha: You are going to make your own? How are you going to get back there (behind the counter)?
At camp:
Miss Misti: I love your dress, Natasha.  Where can I find a dress like that?
Tasha: Well, you just have to pop into Bloomingdales to find it. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Me, Nik

  Having fun in the bounce house
 Out to breakfast with these two monkeys
 You have a ways to go...
Nikolaus wanted to pose with Tasha's sign.
 A boy and his dog
 "I'm pooping"
  Finger painting fun
 Down time with Hershey
 Nikolaus actually sitting with the other kids and not with me.
 He loves Toddler Time
 "Whatcha thinking about, Nik?"
  He figured out that one pretty quickly
 Let it go!  Dress up and concert with friends.
   Second year of swim lessons to get water safe...
and he is a fish just like his sister.
   Last day of Toddler Time.  We will miss Ms. Dawn...
  ... and Ms. Kristi.  BEST program ever!
Blowing bubbles
Me, Nik (how he refers to himself) is a full on talker now.  He is catching up to Natasha with his constant chatter.  It has been great to hear his voice and his opinions. It has not been so great when Nikolaus and Natasha try to talk over one another.  Nikolaus has really developed socially over the last couple of months.  He plays very well with others, especially Natasha.  But, he also plays well independently.  Nikolaus has a couple of good "buddies" that he sees on a regular basis at Stroller Strides.  Even though, he goes off and plays with his friends he is still my sweet boy who holds my hand, wants to be held time to time, and cuddles with me.  Nik did have a 2 1/2 year well check with Dr. Cox and he is right where he needs to be on all levels.  She was very happy by his increased vocabulary from his last check up.   
Since Nikolaus is talking more it is only fair to include some of his sayings.  So, without further adieu:
Me, Nik Tells it All:
Nik: la la, melmo's werk (singing Elmo's World)
Nik: knock, knock
Me: who's there?
Nik: neigh neigh
Me: neigh neigh who?
Nik: neigh neigh, NEIGH!!! (followed by laughter from all of us)

Pointing at people in pictures:
Nik: daddy, sis, mommy and me, Nik!
Me: who are you?
Nik: me, Nik!
Nik: me, Nik try this first
Nik: me, Nik no nap
Nik: a ding dong a me, Nik (ringing the bell on his trike)

Putting his hands in his pockets:
Nik: I got pockets on. You got pockets on?

Nik (counting): two, six, three, one, blast off!

Nik: me chips and bacamole (guacamole)

Singing "Head, Shoulders..."
Nik: head, shoulders, doh-doh (penis), knees and toes.

This is by far my favorite age (it was for Natasha too).  I wish I could just keep Nikolaus two for a little while longer.  I am looking forward to another year of Mommy and Me with Nik before he starts preschool next fall.  It will be here before we know it, so for now I will just hold him as much as I can (even if it is babying him, as Zac says I do).  If we don't end up having another baby, I might just go and adopt a two year old.