Thursday, October 29, 2015


 On our way to Meet and Greet Day!

 First assignment... What she hopes to learn in Kindergarten? 
 Learn how to read.  She is on her way too.

 First official day of school
 Our happy girl

 Noe and Tasha at the same school again! 
However they are not in the same class.
 Noe, Tasha and Taylor. 
My little fish in a big big pond.  Be good to her, Kindergarten.

Natasha loves Kindergarten... YAY!  This was no surprise, she has always loved school.  And Natasha loves doing homework, which she does immediately and always asks to do more.  I hope this positive attitude continues through all her years in school.  She is also in an afterschool program three days a week.  It has been a great addition to her school day.  Plus, she has met other Kindergartners that are not in her class, but she sees on the playground or walking to school.  I have been volunteering in her class every other Thursday and I really enjoy it.  It is great to see what she is learning, what her day consists of and I get to know the kids in her class.  Natasha is always so excited when I come and help out, hopefully she will still enjoy it when I chaperone her school dances in high school.  Just kidding, I would never do that.  It is going to be a great year!

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