Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hair, Make-Up and Clothes

Getting ready for Natasha's 1st (ever) haircut

We had some tears while brushing out the tangles

 Nothing a lollipop can't fix
 Almost done
 She picked out the three purple flowers
Dress-up and face painting

Not to mention posing with a princess

Dressing up and rocking out to her music
  Such a girl
 She is too much
I'm picturing some teeny-bopper concerts in my future!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter or Summer?

You decide...
  Blue skies, tank top and flip flops
 Beach day

 Nikolaus is not to sure about his sister's trick...
I think he has seen better

 Noelani and Natasha conversing
  Sand angels
 Got everybody to look at a camera
 Water fun at the Spectrum
 Kyra and Natasha
 Nikolaus loved getting soaked

 All tuckered out
 Double fisting popsicles
 Happy boy!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Holiday Fun

Thanksgiving parade at school
She is the cutest!
Fun at the mall with Brooks
It was actually chilly outside in early December
 Riding the reindeer
Our little Shepard who decided not to sing in her Christmas program
Grandma Lou and Tasha

Noe and Tasha... inseparable 

 Christmas morning... matching jammies
  Yes, this was what she wore on Christmas day. 
 I was not prepared for a hot day.
Natasha's Christmas present... the only red
 convertible Zac will buy her.
New Years Eve at Brick in San Clemente
My cute dates

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nikolaus is what?


"I am 1"

 Celebrating the birthday boy
He loved his cake
 It was not fun cleaning it off
 "It's my BIRTHDAY and he is wearing my outfit!"
All boy 
Not too sure about this sledding thing
Okay, I like it!

Dancing with daddy by the mountain

First gondola ride in the fall
Nikolaus' Mustache Bash back at home
 He didn't really like having all those people
 in his house, but he enjoyed his
cake later on when everyone left

  Mustache cake
He has a sweet tooth like his sissy
Word on the street is that my baby boy turned one (and is now 13 months).  How could that be?  Our little peanut is now a little man walking everywhere, finding his own voice (through his sister's constant chatter), learning to sign (he's nailed "eat"), gives open mouth kisses (watch out ladies), and gets down and boogies at Natasha's nightly dance parties.  "Mama" and "dada" are the words he knows, but I have heard him say "up" a couple of times when he wants to be held.  Nikolaus will wave hello and goodbye and he loves to point to things to know what they are.  He has mastered the stairs, that we rarely use the baby gate... I know what you are thinking, how old is he?  All I have to say is, second kid.  They pick up on things way quicker.  Our thrill seeker still loves to climb, slide down slides head first and gravitates towards water when given the chance.  But he still loves to be held and is quite the mama's boy, but I'm not complaining.

So, let the celebration begin!  Nikolaus had two celebrations since his first birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year.  His actual birthday was spent in Steamboat with our family.  Marsha did a great job making Nikolaus' birthday so memorable.  We had an early celebration before our Thanksgiving feast, so it felt like it was his day.  He went after his smash cake and everyone was so nice to bring gifts for Nikolaus too.  His "Mustache Bash" was the following weekend.  We had 40 of our friends and family in our home (due to rain), but we managed and had a great time.  I can't say the same for the birthday boy though.  He was feeling a bit under the weather and was maybe a little overwhelmed with all the people in our home.  And unfortunately we didn't get many pictures of him at his party... Oh well.  Since Nikolaus' birthday is so close to Christmas, we asked our gifts to bring a new unwrapped gift to be donated to "Toys for Tots" in lieu of giving Nikolaus a gift.  Our family and friends were so generous, we had two bins filled with toys to be donated.  And don't worry, Nikolaus was not left out.  He still received plenty of gifts.

Nikolaus had a great one year well-check with his doctor, despite the four shots he had to get.  He is right on track developmentally.  Here are his stats:

Weight: 21 lbs. 6 oz. (55th percentile)
Length: 31 in. (85-95th percentile)... must have caught him after a growth spurt
Head Circumference: 47 1/2 cm (85th-95th percentile)... our kids have huge noggins

The next appointment is at 15 months and he should have 3 to 5 words by then, so that is the only thing we need to work on with him and reminding Natasha to let him speak too.

Not only has it been fun to watch Nikolaus grow, but it has been amazing watching Natasha become a great big sister.  She loves to be the first one to greet him when he wakes up, talk for him (not a surprise) and play with him (but not with her toys in her room).  And, of course Nikolaus loves to be around her too!  His smile tells it all.  This last year has flown by, but what a joy it has been to have Nikolaus in our lives.  We can't wait to see what the second year brings.