Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving at The Flying L

Frequent Flyer... enjoying a snack on the flight

Watching "Baby Time-ah"

Hailey, Matt and Natasha

First time stomping in the snow

Checking out the sled on the driveway

Cooper enjoying the snow

"I don't know about this, guys"

Happy Thanksgiving!

Her Thanksgiving dress and one of her Christmas outfits

More stomping in the snow

Going on another sled ride

Grandma, Cooper and Tasha

All bundled up

Auntie Izzy and Tasha (and Baby Boy Larson, coming soon)

Hailey and Grandma Marsha on the Gondola

Riding the Gondola to meet for lunch

"Where's Jack?" Natasha and her pal, Jack played all weekend together

Sunday stroll in the snow


Mommy and Tasha

"Wait for me"

My two loves

We had an amazing time (as always) in Steamboat over Thanksgiving. The weekend was filled with lots of love, laughter, snow and FOOD! Boy, did we eat a lot! Good thing we got to hit the slopes for two days to burn some of that food off. Natasha had a great time at the Flying L especially since she had Hailey and Jack to play with. It was great having them around because Zac and I could actually sit and talk during dinner instead of chasing Natasha around once she was done eating. Natasha traveled well and also was an excellent sleeper for both naps and nighttime. She loved playing in the snow and sledding too... next year we will put her on skies! We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, now it's time to start decorating for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

20 Months

20 Month photos... we had to get creative since
we didn't have her blocks with us

Yummy Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich

Our silly little girl

Beautiful brown-eyed girl


She loves to cover her eyes and walk around... danger monkey

It has been so much fun watching Natasha's personality develop over her 20 months of life. She is such a little entertainer... once she warms up to the crowd. Natasha is learning new words and phrases each day. Some of our favorites are "hold you," "thank you, you're welcome," and "where's Jack," which she yelled over and over again in Steamboat. Natasha also really enjoys looking at photos of herself. If she sees our iPad or camera lying around she will ask us "More Tasha?" I don't know where she gets it from, but it sure is cute. Natasha can now name all the Yo Gabba Gabba characters including "DJ Rock" and she knows that Plex is a robot. Her other favorite video is Baby Signing Time or to Natasha, "Baby Time-ah (said with an Italian accent). Besides watching her favorite shows (multiple times a day), Natasha enjoys being outside and playing at the playground with friends. She looks forward to Thursdays with "gram ma" and Fridays with "mimi papa." Natasha also loves to see Matt and Izzy, but I think she really wants to see Cooper (formerly known as Coo Coo). Our little girl is growing up so fast and we can't wait to see what she does or what comes out of her mouth next!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Piggy Tails, Boots and More

Natasha has pig tails... love it!

Sporting the new boots

She wants to wear them all the time

Fun times at Maxx's Birthday

Sharing the trampoline with Cam

Following Maxx to the foam pit... but Natasha stopped at the edge.

Running on the long trampoline

Brown eyed girl... I think she looks a lot like Cam in this picture.

Future gymnast

Piggy tails

Jumping with cousin, Kiana

Ready for Thanksgiving in Colorado... hopefully there
will be snow because this snow bunny is ready

Natasha's art project from a couple of weeks ago... glittery pumpkin!

Last week's art project... stamping with leaves from our backyard

And Natasha's masterpiece