Saturday, April 26, 2014

Four going on Fourteen

Cinderella themed birthday celebration

There's Nikolaus with his snacks
Fun in the bounce house with Brooks

Nikolaus liked the bounce house too!

 Happy Birthday Monkey Moo
 LOVE her!
 LOVE our little family
Build-A-Bear Workshop (first time)

Birthday frozen yogurt
Natasha and her "Bear" (she chose a My Little Pony instead)
 Natasha has been able to spell her name since she
turned three, but now she can write it too!
Selfie... she asked for an iPhone for her birthday,
AND the answer was NO!
Hamming it up for the camera
A regular "tourist" at the Spectrum.

 Watching Frozen for the very first time...
and now has seen it every day since.
"Let it go..."
 Birthday celebration at school
Wearing her birthday crown
Singing "Happy Birthday"

I felt like a little celebrity, everywhere Natasha and I went there
was this entourage of little girls following us. 

Me and my four year old... I don't think I can accept that she will be five next year... tear :(
Natasha had a great fourth birthday with our family and even got to celebrate it at school.  I decided that we wouldn't throw a big bash this year because we are planning on taking Natasha to Disneyland next week for the first time ever.  We are leaving Nikolaus with grandma, so Natasha will just have Zac and I to experience Disneyland with.  We will both get to go on the rides with her and not worry about Nikolaus getting bored in the stroller.  Natasha still got plenty for her birthday from our generous family and on her actual birthday, Nikolaus and I took her to Build-a-Bear Workshop for the first time. 
Natasha is such a fun, loving, sweet, sassy and silly little girl.  She is enthusiastic about school, loves all crafts, a natural born entertainer and cares for her family and friends.  We are so blessed to have this little girl in our lives and can't wait to see her grow into a young lady... slowly.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Winter Skiing

Auntie Lizzy and I managed to get all four kids dressed and
buckled in the car AND got to the mountain on time for ski lessons
Uncle Matt and Tasha
 First time on skies
 Go Brooks!
 Natasha enjoyed it for about 10 minutes...
thank goodness Brooks was there
 "This is impossible, there are too many instructions."
Natasha didn't appreciate daddy and Abby trying to teach
her to ski at the same time.

 Future skier/boarder
 Cousin skiing
She finally warmed up to Abby and got to ride the Magic Carpet
 Family photo
Little ski bums
 Natasha loves to sled
Lots of snow
 These two LOVE each other

 Little techies.  Everyone has an iPad...
... Except this kid, who just enjoyed playing on the steps
Jumping in the snow
Figuring this snow stuff out
Despite the rough start (our plane ride), we had a great time in Steamboat.  We got Natasha on skies for the first time and Nikolaus got a chance to walk in the snow on this trip.  Uncle Matt and Auntie Lizzy were wonderful hosts (as always) and hopefully next year Nikolaus will be on the slopes too.