Thursday, April 26, 2012

Natasha's 2-Year Photo Shoot

Here are the photos from Natasha's two year photo shoot.  My friend, Kara did an amazing job and Natasha was not shy with the camera.  She loved being followed around.  It was hard to narrow them down, but here are some of our favorites (okay, a lot of our favorites)! 



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Natasha's New Kitchen... Finally!

 Checking out what's in the fridge
 Some OJ...

 Natasha loves making us some tea

 Her kitchen might be nicer than our kitchen!
 Dark wood with stainless steel appliances

Serving tea with milk and sugar... just the way mommy likes it!

We finally put Natasha's kitchen together a few weeks ago.  This kitchen was a Christmas gift from Grandma Lou, but when we went to put it together after Christmas, half the pieces were damaged.  So, off it went back to Costco.  Of course, Costco did not have any in stock to replace the one we got.  So, Linda had to order it from Amazon and sure enough it was back ordered until March!  It did end up coming at the end of February, but with Natasha's birthday party approaching we decided to wait until after the party to put it together.  And this one was in perfect condition!  Natasha loves to cook dinner for us and she is also enjoying making tea and coffee for mommy.  She also likes to take everything out of the fridge and make a mess!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

Easter Egg Hunt #1: Toddler Time
All ready to head outside and find some eggs!

"Green one, mommy!"

Checking out her loot


After a long day at work

Easter Egg Hunt #2: 2010 Babies Club

Such a little girl!

Easter Egg Hunt #3: Stroller Strides

I think she spots one...
... Got it!

Easter Sunday at Church

Easter Egg Hunt #4: Bill and Marsha's House
First a little swimming...
... then some egg hunting.
Spotted one

Playing in the sandbox with Jack

Brooks first swim in the pool...
Cooper was watching the whole time

Right before nap time!

Wow, four Easter Egg Hunts for Natasha! She sure had a great time at each one and scored some great goodies! We had a wonderful Easter Sunday at church in the morning and then a delicious brunch with family at the Link home. The weather was beautiful and pool was heated. I'm glad we packed out suits because the only way to keep Natasha safe was to join her in the pool. She loves water so much! Natasha also loves Jack. They play so well together and Jack did a good job keeping her occupied so she didn't want to go back in the pool every five minutes. It was a great Easter!