Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! Natasha went as Little Red Riding Hood this year,
although she looks like a little German girl to me.

Practicing her trick or treating at our door before heading out to the neighborhood

Tasha and Daddy

Here we go...

Trick or Treat!

Oreo greeted Natasha too... she was dressed as a tourist
with a flower lei and a camera around her neck

Group shot of the neighborhood kids. Natasha wanted
nothing to do with this photo... maybe next year.

Looking out for trick or treaters... she definitely enjoyed
passing out candy more so than going door to door herself.

These photos are from our Halloween Party with the 2010 Babies Club:

Tasha and Ford

Noelani and Tasha... these girls are inseparable.

Trick or Treating around the park

Natasha loves the act of putting the candy in her bag and taking them out...
she is a bit of a hoarder

Waiting for the next candy stop

Little Red Riding Hood and Chun Li

They just can't get enough of each other.

Happy Halloween! Natasha has been having so much fun this month with pumpkin patches and Halloween parties. She got to wear her costume for the first time last week for our Halloween party with the 2010 Babies Club. Natasha is one cute Little Red Riding Hood. She loved putting on her new black shoes to wear with her dress. We set up candy stations around the park for the kids to do some trick or treating. Natasha had a great time, but it did take her a little while to get into it. However, she loved holding her candy bag with all her loot. Natasha carried that bag around for days... she would take out all the candy, look at them all and then put them all back in. This year we decided to take Natasha out for a little bit of trick or treating before returning home to pass out candy. But after a failed attempt to take a picture with the bigger kids we just went to our next door neighbor's house for a treat and then headed home. Natasha had much more fun passing out candy and seeing all the kids come to the door in their costumes. Hopefully, next year will be more successful going door to door. We hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Thanks for checking in on our Little Red Riding Hood.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

19 Months

Natasha turned 19 months on Monday and has no intention of slowing down. She is our little sponge who is picking up new words/phrases and mannerisms everyday. Some of her new ones are "ah choo," "hold," "jacky" (for jacket), and "ah... no." But my personal favorite is "bye bye, see you." Natasha loves to give hugs and blow kisses. She also likes to put on my clothes, bracelets and wear my shoes. But, you can always find her back in the dirt with sticks and rocks... I guess we have a girlie tomboy, the best of both worlds.

Natasha has been a great sleeper at night and she goes down with no fuss at all. Naps on the other hand have been more difficult. She used to average around 2 hours a day, but now it has been anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour tops. Some days she will ask to go take a nap and others I just put her in her crib and she tries to fight me on it, but eventually settles down and falls asleep. I just wish she would sleep a little longer because she is such a busy little girl and mommy needs a break too.

Other than that, Natasha is still thriving everyday. Eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, ears, head, arms, hands, legs, knees, feet, toes, and belly button are the body parts that Natasha can now point out if asked. She loves to take a shower with Zac or I. If she sees one of us getting into the shower she will pull on her clothes and say "shower". She will stand in there and let the water pour onto her head while she rearranges the shampoo bottles and just babbles away.

Natasha also loves to dance to music. One of her favorite shows is the "Fresh Beat Band" and anytime they are singing and dancing she will get up and spin around in front of the TV... it's so cute. I think she will enjoy tap dancing one day, since she likes to hear the sounds that her feet make when she wears certain shoes. The other day she took two of the letter magnets off of the fridge and put one on the bottom of each bare foot and was walking around on the hard wood making noise. I tried to get video, but every time she knows I am recording her, she stops what she is doing and runs over to me to watch the video I just tried to take... too smart. We can't wait to see what she will do next!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tasha and Kiki Take on IVC's Pumpkin Patch

"Hi, Kiki... I like your Halloween skirt!"

So strong

This one seems more her size

Fun on the rides

Another mini Merry-Go-Round... twice in one week

Friends on the carriage ride

This is how Natasha flies a plane... danger monkey!

Fun with drums in the Teepee

For Natasha's next trick she will hitch a ride on the back of the plane

Me and my little pumpkin

Tasha Tasha Tasha Tasha Tasha... Tasha Tasha Tasha... I guess after much repeating of Tasha's name, Kiki had to have another play date this week with her BFF, Tasha. Natasha and I met the Tippers at IVC's Pumpkin Patch this morning. The girls had so much fun together (as always) running around, picking up baby pumpkins, riding on the mechanical rides and drumming in the teepee. We can't forget about all the cute little giggles that these two produce together. It always puts a smile on our faces to see our little girls growing up together. We headed to the Spectrum for lunch and the girls got a chance to ride on the big Merry-Go-Round. It was another fun day with the Tippers and we can't wait to do it again!

Pumpkin City

Enjoying an apple before all the fun

"I think this is a good spot to finish my apple"


"They cannot have my apple"

Mini Merry-Go-Round

Train ride with Noelani

Nope... Noelani did not like it, so Tasha had to ride all by herself.

Noelani tried it again, but cried the whole time.

Happy girl on a bench

Two happy girls on a bench... don't worry, Noelani was fine after the train ride

"I like this pumpkin"

"So many to choose from... can I have them all?"

Silly girl at In-N-Out... yes, she polished off my fries!

For this week's Toddler Time class, we met at Pumpkin City for a field trip. I was so happy that the weather was a bit cooler, so Natasha could sport her Halloween gear. You might recall the tutu was from last year and I was so glad that she got to wear it again this year. Tasha's friend Noelani was also festive... I think they were the only two in the class that were dressed up! Afterwards we headed to In-N-Out for lunch and Noelani and Natasha entertained each other with peek-a-boo, giggles and silly hats. After finishing my fries, Tasha decided to put the empty fries' container on her head. Noelani thought it was so funny and then decided to one-up Tasha by putting her hamburger on her head... oh, these silly girls!