Saturday, October 1, 2011


On our way to Colorado... Natasha's second trip to Steamboat and flying privately. She did really well both ways, except for the last half hour of each flight. On the way there, I think she was just tired and on the way back, we think her ears were bothering her. She slept great at night in the pack 'n play, but naps were a little tricky. All in all, she was a great traveler.

On Saturday, we all went on a hike. Emily had a backpack that we borrowed, so that Zac could carry Natasha.

All the dogs... Cooper, Jake, Barkley and Cody. Natasha's buddies for the weekend. Whenever the dogs were outside or out of sight, Natasha would sign (pat her leg) and say "dog" over and over until she spotted one of them. They sure did love her too!

Natasha is all secured...

... and we are ready to go, but Natasha is not looking too happy.

And freedom. Natasha did not want to be worn, so we brought along the jogging stroller. But even that was a bit of a fight for our little adventure seeker. I think when she heard "hike," she was ready to hike herself with no help from any of this. She loves being "ouside."

Natasha was definitely slowing us down, but Zac and I still had a great time taking in the scenery... I love fall!

Like I said, she did not want to be strapped in.

Exploring the teepee on the ranch. Natasha kept calling it a "pee pee," even though she knows how to say "tee." It was really cute.

And Cooper had to explore the Teepee too!

Family photo

Natasha spotted something

After our hike, Zac and I took Natasha down by the pond to play fetch with the dogs. First we took a break on the beach and Natasha found some furniture that was just her size.

But it didn't last long, she spotted water and was ready to take a dip.

There she goes... the water was freezing and she didn't mind at all. Natasha was ready to swim with the dogs.

Jake, the oldest dog of the group was the only one that wanted to play (and go for a swim).

Swinging with Dada

We enjoyed some tasty appetizers on the deck before dinner and Natasha found a rocking chair just her size.

Kisses from Barkley

Checking out the view or figuring out her escape plan.
Beautiful Steamboat

On Sunday morning we went to go check out the horses on the property and I got to go for a horse back ride. Natasha seemed more interested with the rocks on the ground and the horse poop, than the actual horses.

She is a natural! This was just for the picture... Natasha is still too young to go horseback riding. Buck is the oldest horse on the ranch and lots of kids ride him first because he is so gentle.

Yee Haw!

Going for a walk with Dada

Posing for pictures with the deer... it's not a real deer.

We had such a wonderful time at the Flying L... thank you to Bill and Marsha for having us. And to Auntie Lizzy and Uncle Matt for inviting us!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place! I love all the photos, but the ones of you three are really wonderful.