Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tasha and Kiki Take on Zoomars

Feeding the bunnies

Tasha and Kiki

Best Friends

Baa Baa

Gobble Gobble

"Mommy, save me from this goat"

"These darn goats keep following me"

"I'll protect you, if you protect me"

"Who goes there"

Two little monkeys
The "Zedonks"

Choo Choo

Me and my little pumpkin

Playing in the corn kernels

I love that face

Two little monkeys swinging

Lunch at Ruby's

Natasha had a fun day at Zoomars with her BFF, Kyra (Kiki). The girls had a great time running around and looking at the animals. But I think they had the most fun with the non-animal attractions (the train ride, the swings and the corn kernel pit). These are two very busy little girls and it sure was hard to capture pictures of the two of them together. But we managed to get a few good ones. Afterwards we headed to Ruby's for lunch and the girls were great with entertaining each other. Kiki would tickle Natasha's arms and then they would both break out into laughter... it was so cute! We can't wait for our next play date with Kiki (and her mama, Jackie)!

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  1. The girls have so much fun together! It's really so cute to watch them play and entertain each other! Can you send me a shutterfly of your pictures when you get a chance? Thanks for a fun morning at Zoomar's! I'm sure we'll be going back there!