Thursday, August 25, 2011

17 Months!

As you can see, our 17 month old is on the move. It was not easy getting Natasha to sit still and pose with her blocks for this photo shoot. Natasha is doing great and adding more and more words to her vocabulary (pool, Kiki (Kyra's nickname), purple, sit, please and plate). She is also putting words together to form phrases. She loves saying "bye bye" to things (the car, dada, waa-waa and her BFF, Kiki). Danger monkey has also become fearless of water. She is so used to our Water Park in Ladera (which is only 18 inches deep at most and gradually slopes down), that when I take her to our regular pool she thinks she can just walk off the steps into the deep end. I have always been right there to get her, but I have let her get her whole head wet so she gets used to it. We are planning on starting swim lessons sometime in September and I am sure we will have to dunk her at some point in the class. We have been keeping busy with weekly play dates with friends, music class, story time, pool time, visits with Grandma Lou, Mimi and Poppy and much much more. Thanks for checking in on our little monkey!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Performer or Painter...

... or pick pocket-er

But what kid doesn't like to go through your purses or bags!

The performer... Natasha loves this stage at Fashion Island

The painter

What should I paint?
I found Poppy's paint brushes... all I need is a canvas

Poppy and Tasha

Natasha hit the jackpot

Natasha had a fun day last Friday with Mimi and Poppy. First we had lunch at Fashion Island and Natasha got to run around on her favorite stage. She loves running from one end to the other and spinning in circles. I think she gave Mimi a few scares when she got to close to the ledge. Then we went back to Mimi and Poppy's house and she had her way with all the paint brushes... again! This is a weekly ritual with her. Good thing the paint brushes are clean and the caps are all on the paint tubes. One day my dad wants to give her a blank canvas, some paint (child-friendly and washable, of course) and a brush and see what Natasha can do. Maybe she has a little artistic talent in her like her grandpa!

Playground Fun

Here is a video of Natasha at the playground. She is now climbing the structure and sliding down the slide all by herself.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Water Park Wednesdays

Natasha loved the water park today

Natasha has been practicing floating on her tummy
like this at the water park and in the bath tub.

Tasha and Kiki

"Look Kyra, I have a shovel"

Taking a break

Having a snack

Erin and Noelani joined us... Natasha is ready
to go back into the water

Look at those arms and her tan lines in her rolls... AWESOME!

Natasha and I have been enjoying Ladera's water park this summer and for the past month or so, the Tippers have been joining us on Wednesdays. The girls just love the water and the ability to walk around in the water without it being too deep. Of course, I didn't think to grab my camera sooner when the girls started the day playing next to each other. But Jackie has taken some great shots of the girls from previous visits and are up on her blog if you want to check them out. Also, my friend Erin and her daughter, Noelani joined us too! It was fun watching all the girls together in the water and and we had great weather for it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Workout with Dada and More

Well, Zac reminded me that there hasn't been a new post since July and we are already half way done with August. We have been pretty busy this summer with playdates with Kyra at the waterpark, checking out the Farmers Market and hanging out with family, but our camera has been acting funny lately so I haven't been taking as many pictures. Hopefully, I can get it fixed this week and there will be many more pics of our precious little girl. Here are some pictures from this month and a fun video of Zac working out with Natasha... enjoy!

Enjoying some snacks

Love that smile

Our tired "teething" little girl feel asleep like this for about 20 minutes

Helping in the kitchen

Working out with dada