Thursday, August 25, 2011

17 Months!

As you can see, our 17 month old is on the move. It was not easy getting Natasha to sit still and pose with her blocks for this photo shoot. Natasha is doing great and adding more and more words to her vocabulary (pool, Kiki (Kyra's nickname), purple, sit, please and plate). She is also putting words together to form phrases. She loves saying "bye bye" to things (the car, dada, waa-waa and her BFF, Kiki). Danger monkey has also become fearless of water. She is so used to our Water Park in Ladera (which is only 18 inches deep at most and gradually slopes down), that when I take her to our regular pool she thinks she can just walk off the steps into the deep end. I have always been right there to get her, but I have let her get her whole head wet so she gets used to it. We are planning on starting swim lessons sometime in September and I am sure we will have to dunk her at some point in the class. We have been keeping busy with weekly play dates with friends, music class, story time, pool time, visits with Grandma Lou, Mimi and Poppy and much much more. Thanks for checking in on our little monkey!

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