Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tasha Tells It All

Tasha: Where is Zac?
Yes, she sometimes calls us by our first name
Me: He is outside
Tasha: Doing blow?
Me: What? (I have no words.) To clarify, she meant blowing smoke from his cigars.
Meeting her new preschool teacher at our home:
Mrs. Freer: Do you like to sing?
Tasha: Yes, I do.
Mrs. Freer: That is great, because we sing a lot in preschool.  What is your favorite song to sing?
Tasha: Gangam Star (Style)
Mrs. Freer: Oh, I don't know that one.
Tasha: I'll get the iPad...
Me: I don't think we need to hear that song right now.
Running into the bathroom and striping down her clothes:
Tasha: Uh oh!  My pee thought the floor was the toilet.
Tasha: Oh Nikolaus, you are a handsome boy (must get that from me)
Me: Natasha, you are so cute.
Tasha: Yup!  That's what I do!
Tasha: Mommy, I love touching you when you sleep.  You are so nice and warm.
Me: So, tonight you are going to sleep in your room.
Tasha: I tried that last night and I didn't like it.  So, I'm going to sleep in your room with you and daddy.
Me: Nope.  Your room.
Tasha: But, I don't like to sleep alone.  And the tantrum begins...
Tasha: Can Nikolaus have a sleepover with me one day at Grandma's?
Me: Yes, when he is a little older.
Tasha: Great!  Then he won't miss me because he will be with me.

A light bulb went out in our family room...
Tasha: Mimi's cleaning lady is going to change Mimi's light bulb in her closet.  Maybe we should have our cleaning lady change our light bulb.
Me: I am the cleaning lady!  And I have been doing a terrible job, so you should fire me.
 Mix and Match Day at preschool
 Love this face!
 Pumpkin carving

Not too sure about this
Pumpkin Party at School
Bathing suit and mommy's running shoes... silly girl!
Our family

11 Months

I thought that the blocks I was using to take
his monthly pictures would work for every month, but I don't
have two #1 blocks to make an "11."  So, this will
have to do.

 Trying to climb over the gate

Nothing will stop this kid
 Mommy-N-Me music class

Possibly another drummer in the family 

Loves parks!
 Pumpkin fun at Roger's Gardens

Our two 'lil pumpkins 

Trying to get to the fountain... I don't have a picture,
but Nikolaus left shirtless.
Water table fun in November at Mimi's house

What kid doesn't like a cardboard box to play in?
Family pic
 Nikolaus playing with his (early) birthday present...
Thank you Ado Erika!
 Back at the park
Two more weeks and our mister man is going to be one!  Seriously, where in the world did this year go?  Nikolaus is still active as ever and I don't think he is going to slow down.  He is not walking yet, but has taken up to five steps by himself.  Nikolaus is also learning how things (cupboards, drawers, etc.) open and close.  He has discovered the Tupperware cabinet and loves to "rearrange" it for us.  And since he is getting into everything, his sister has already banned him from her room unless we hold him the whole time.  I see many confrontations and slammed doors in my future.  We can't wait to celebrate his first birthday in two weeks and we will celebrate it with a big feast (since his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year)!   

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10 Months

10 Months old (closer to 11 by the time this post gets published)
"Not the hat!"
"This hat again."
I guess this will do.
Being silly before lunch

Loving his little personality develop

And I thought Natasha was a dare devil... this
kid is going to give me a heart attack!
 But I love him so much!

Tunnel fun
 Sliding at the park

Enjoying an apple with dad... my handsome boys!
Nom nom nom
I thought by now Nikolaus would be walking.  But, I'm kind of glad that he is not.  He is a busy boy and he sure does love to climb.  His newest trick is downward dog, but I'm pretty sure he is going to flip himself over into a somersault by doing it.  Natasha claims that she taught him that.  He is also starting to balance without holding onto anything, but he then squats down and goes back to crawling.  It is also a challenge to change this kid's diaper.  He rarely lies still, but I am getting better at putting a piper on him while he is standing up.  You gotta do what you gotta do.  

Now on to the better of month 10.  Nikolaus is a great eater.  I haven't found a food he doesn't like.  He loves the German pancakes that I make in the morning and just like his sissy, he loves rice and beans.  I'm definitely more comfortable giving him bigger pieces of food too.  I don't know if it's because he is our second or if it's because he is a really good eater.  I don't think we gave Natasha apple until she was well over a year old.  But, Nikolaus had no trouble biting pieces off and chewing them up.
Nikolaus' little personality is continuing to develop.  He loves to imitate the sounds we make... clicking our tongue, grunting and chuckling.  I have to say that my favorite thing that Nikolaus does is look for his sissy.  When I buckle him into his car seat, he always looks to his left for Natasha. Since Natasha started preschool, she is not always with us.  And Nikolaus is more fussy in the car seat when she is not there... It is so sweet.  
I can't believe our little man is going to be a year old in less than two months!  It is unreal how time flies by.  I'm just glad that Nikolaus still likes to be held, because who knows how long that will last.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  Meet and Greet at Preschool
  Checking out some of the puzzles at her new school
Daddy came too!
She loves the dollhouse

First official day of Preschool

Being silly
Excited for her first day!
Off she goes...
... Such a big girl! 
Yellow day at preschool

Natasha has been in school for two weeks now and she loves it.  And to be honest, I love it too!  I do miss her, but it is a nice break and it gives me a little extra one on one time with Nikolaus.  I am also just so excited for her.  I look forward to picking her up and trying to pry out of her what she did and learned.  Thank goodness her teacher posts what they did in school outside of their the classroom, so I have something to work off of.  So far, everyday has been "awesome" (Natasha's words, not mine).  She has already been super helper at school, which consists of setting the table for snack time and ringing the bell.  There is also a class bird, named Boomer.  And next week it will be our turn to take him home for the weekend.  Natasha has quite a few friends in her class that were in our parent and me class last year.  It was nice to see so many familiar faces on the first day of school.  But, Natasha was most excited to have one of her best friends in her class, Noelani!  These two girls get along great and between Stroller Strides and school, they see each other four days a week!  We are looking forward to a fun school year.  I still can't believe my baby girl is in preschool.