Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tasha Tells It All

Tasha: Where is Zac?
Yes, she sometimes calls us by our first name
Me: He is outside
Tasha: Doing blow?
Me: What? (I have no words.) To clarify, she meant blowing smoke from his cigars.
Meeting her new preschool teacher at our home:
Mrs. Freer: Do you like to sing?
Tasha: Yes, I do.
Mrs. Freer: That is great, because we sing a lot in preschool.  What is your favorite song to sing?
Tasha: Gangam Star (Style)
Mrs. Freer: Oh, I don't know that one.
Tasha: I'll get the iPad...
Me: I don't think we need to hear that song right now.
Running into the bathroom and striping down her clothes:
Tasha: Uh oh!  My pee thought the floor was the toilet.
Tasha: Oh Nikolaus, you are a handsome boy (must get that from me)
Me: Natasha, you are so cute.
Tasha: Yup!  That's what I do!
Tasha: Mommy, I love touching you when you sleep.  You are so nice and warm.
Me: So, tonight you are going to sleep in your room.
Tasha: I tried that last night and I didn't like it.  So, I'm going to sleep in your room with you and daddy.
Me: Nope.  Your room.
Tasha: But, I don't like to sleep alone.  And the tantrum begins...
Tasha: Can Nikolaus have a sleepover with me one day at Grandma's?
Me: Yes, when he is a little older.
Tasha: Great!  Then he won't miss me because he will be with me.

A light bulb went out in our family room...
Tasha: Mimi's cleaning lady is going to change Mimi's light bulb in her closet.  Maybe we should have our cleaning lady change our light bulb.
Me: I am the cleaning lady!  And I have been doing a terrible job, so you should fire me.
 Mix and Match Day at preschool
 Love this face!
 Pumpkin carving

Not too sure about this
Pumpkin Party at School
Bathing suit and mommy's running shoes... silly girl!
Our family

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