Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's cookin, good lookin?


Pizza Night


 Panini and Soup


Since Nikolaus was born, Natasha has become a great helper around the house.  This past month she has taken interest in helping me cook.  I love the one on one time that I have with her (even though it takes us twice as long to get dinner on the table).  She loves to roll out the pizza dough for pizza night and also stir the pasta or whatever I am sautéing on the stove.  Yes, I let her stir food on the stove.  It still makes Zac nervous to see her do this, but I have faith in her (or I'm constantly reminding her to pay attention to what she is doing).  This has also been a great opportunity for Natasha to try different foods.  Although, she still sticks with the usual hot dog, chicken nuggets or spaghetti for dinner, I have seen her snack on cucumbers, snap peas, avocado and even bell pepper.  It has been a step in the right direction!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Months

 Sissy and her baby bro
 Already sporting the UCLA gear
 Napping babies
 My handsome boy

 Winter swim
 What's up
 He is going to be a tummy sleeper
 Our viking is 2 months old
 Daddy and his son
 Ice cream "cheese" face
 How you doin'
 His "Al Bundy" pose
 Bumbo time
Nikolaus is getting stronger

I guess he is closer to three months old by the time this post gets published, but here we go anyways. Nikolaus is doing great and has been a pretty easy baby.  He is getting stronger everyday and has started to coo and smile at us.  Nikolaus especially loves to track Natasha... Probably more out of fear of her falling on him.  Nikolaus has been sleeping really well at night, still waking up for a middle of the night feeding, but he can usually go four to five hours.  And during the day, he is going three to three and half hours between feedings.  That has been nice since we are venturing out more for sissy's (Natasha) activities.  And Nikolaus is quite the trooper to put up with her social calendar.

 Last week, Nikolaus had his 10 week wellness check and here are his stats:

Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz. (25th percentile)
Length: 23 1/8" (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 39 1/2 cm (50th percentile)

The doctor said he is growing consistently and doing really well.  Nikolaus also had to get shots, poor baby.  He cried for about 20 seconds, then he was fine.  Unfortunately, he did develop a slight fever that evening, which made this mama nervous and worried all night.  But, by the next day he was back to normal.  Next up will be his four month check in March.  Thanks for checking in on our little peanut.