Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five Months Old!

Nikolaus turned 5 months old and is turning into a little bruiser.  He had many firsts this past month... From traveling on an airplane, staying in a hotel, riding on a swing and trying rice cereal.  And let's not forget the white Christmas... Oh, I mean white May in Minnesota.  Yes, you read that right.  It snowed during our trip back to the Midwest.  Although, we didn't take Nikolaus out in the snow, he did get a glimpse of it while we rushed him to and from the car in his car seat.  Anyway, just like his big sister, Nikolaus is an excellent traveler.  He was perfect on three out of the four flights (he was just over tired on the "difficult" flight) and slept well in the pack 'n play at the hotel.  

Back home, Nikolaus got to try out the swings near our house for the first time and he LOVED it!  There is a video posted on my Facebook page of him swinging and just giggling with Natasha as she pushes him.  It is the cutest thing!  I'll try to post it on here this week.  He is such a smiley baby and will give you smiles and giggles if you just look at him.  Such a difference from Natasha, who you had to work (hard) for her smiles... Sometimes we still do, ha!  Natasha is loving that Nikolaus is so responsive to her.  She can't wait for him to wake up in the morning, so she can have her cuddle time with him in his crib.  Good thing he always wakes up with a big smile on his face and he doesn't seem to mind all the smothering either.  

Rice cereal, avocados and bananas are now on the menu for our little man.  Nikolaus seems to be enjoying all the new tastes, especially bananas!  I was going to wait until he turned 6 months in two weeks, but decided to just go for it last week.  He went from sleeping 9 to 10 hours straight to waking up two times a night and super hungry.   It has helped a little and hopefully this will keep him full longer and reset his internal clock.  As always, Natasha wanted to feed her baby brother all by herself.  She is such a little mommy... I love it!  We will stick to this menu for a couple of weeks and then I think I will try sweet potatoes and apples.  

Nikolaus is also on the brink of sitting up all by himself.  He is getting stronger and stronger each day.  Toys, teething rings and of course, hair are the things he likes to grab.  And he is definitely all boy, since he likes to grab his junk... ouch!  Nikolaus has taken a real interest in certain toys, especially the ones that he can gnaw on, like Sophie.  I don't see any teeth yet, but I'm sure they are pushing their way up.  We will see what our pediatrician thinks at his six month well check in two weeks.  Thanks for checking in on our mister mister!

 Big smiles from our 5 month old
 So strong

 A happy little Viking

Sir Nikolaus John
 Feeding Nikolaus rice cereal for the first time

 I think he likes it!

 "Open up mister mister"

 Swinging at the park 

 He loves his big sister

Smiles and giggles
 Look at that face

Such a bruiser 
Morning crib cuddles

Pictures from our trip:
 What do you do when it snows in Minnesota... Head to Mall of America

Choo-choo with Natasha, Brooks and Grandma Lou

 Playing skee-ball for the first time


Natasha and Brooks
 Natasha playing with the snow

Showing off her hot pink belt
The chapel
 Larson family photo... And swapping kids
 Family photo at the wedding
 Happy at the airport... Glad to be going home!