Wednesday, June 29, 2011

15 Months

15 Months!

I love that her hair is starting to come in more
"Done with the pictures mama"
"I'm outta here"
"See you later"
The sprinklers got the best of her
Getting love from dada after falling into the
raspberry bush (face first)
Poor baby and her little scratches... she is all better now.
Natasha loves all animals

Petting Stimpy
On mama's phone again
Who are you talking to?
More water fun

Hailey and Natasha waiting for the water to come up

Obviously time has not slowed down at all because our baby girl is 15 months old! How can that be? We had her 15 month checkup and everything is great with our Natasha. Her vocabulary consists of about 10 to 12 words. She has reached all of the developmental milestones for her age (plus a couple of the 18 month ones). Here are her currant stats:

Weight: 24 lbs. 2 oz. (70th percentile... she was weighed on the big scale standing up)
Length: 30 1/2 inches (55th percentile... I don't think they got the most accurate measurement since Natasha did not want to he held down. I think she is a bit taller)
Head Circumference: 46 1/2 cm (60-70th percentile)

Natasha also got 2 shots at this appointment. I think she knew what was coming because again she did not want to be held down. After the shots, she cried for about 20 seconds and then she was fine.

So what else is new with our little girl? I am in the process of weaning her completely from nursing (only 2 feedings a day left). To be honest I don't want to stop, but I think Natasha is ready and I will have to be ready since I will be away from her for two whole days next weekend (yikes)! She is doing a lot better drinking whole milk, which has made this process a tad easier. I just don't want my baby to grow up!

Besides babbling all day long (boy, is our cell phone bills going to be expensive), Natasha loves everything to do with the waa-waa (aka: water). The moment daddy comes home from work, Natasha will run to the door leading out to the backyard and say "waa-waa, waa-waa." Yesterday she actually went outside to the hose and pulled up the cover waiting for Zac to come and water the garden. She also loves going to the pool and the water park or splash park. Since it has been nice and warm lately we have been meeting our friends at the water establishments in Ladera 2 or 3 times a week. And then there is shower time... still no bath, but we have been pretty successful with showers after dinner. I think she just likes to be sprayed with water. But her favorite thing of all is eating watermelon! This kid would probably eat a whole watermelon in one day if we let her. She will run to the fridge and point up and say "waa-waa." And no, she does not want water because she has pushed her sippy cup away when offered water instead. It's a good thing it's summertime and watermelon is in season... hopefully I can get it year round.

In other family news, Uncle Matt and Auntie Lizzy are expecting! Natasha is going to have a cousin this December. We are so happy and excited for them and can't wait to meet their little baby bean!

Thanks for checking up on our little monkey! We hope you have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy! I love you so much!
This was Natasha's Father's Day gift to daddy. I took pictures of Natasha holding each letter, then we assembled it in a frame to spell out "DAD." Zac took it to work on Monday to keep in his office for everyone to see!

Hammock Time with My BFF

"More" swinging
Lounging at the party

Kyra has her own chair...
... and now Natasha has one too!
"Kyra, I love your bow"
Happy girls
Our little dare devil practicing "up/down"
Natasha and Kyra had a great time at our friend's engagement party on Saturday and they were getting a lot of attention from all the guests. They definitely knew how to entertain everyone with their cuteness. But the main attraction was the hammock. The girls went nuts sharing the hammock for some swing time. We did catch a cute video of the girls, but I am having trouble uploading it to my blog. Hopefully, we can get it up soon or I will let you know where you can find it. It is so much fun seeing our little girls interact with one another and begin to develop their life-long friendship!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Uncle Matty and Auntie Lizzy babysat Natasha last Sunday and they brought Cooper along to help out. Here is a cute video that Matt took of Natasha giving Cooper some love as well as saying and signing "Dog." These Baby Signing Time videos are paying off... Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swing High, Swing Low

Natasha's new backyard swing
Thank you, Grandma Lou!

We finally put up Natasha's swing from Grandma Lou (it was from Natasha's birthday...oops)! Since Natasha loves playing in the backyard, this is a great addition.
Have a good weekend... we know Natasha will!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goldie Locks and the Three Chairs

Watching "Baby Signing Time" and having some snacks
"Look, I'm a big girl"

Natasha has a new big girl chair and she loves it! Since she has outgrown the exersaucer we have been on the lookout for a chair for her. Natasha has been testing out different chairs during story time at Pottery Barn Kids. They have a mini version of the one we got, but it was too small. And the bean bag chairs were too large. But the medium anywhere chair fit just right, so that's the one we got. We love it because it is low to the ground, so she has no problem climbing in and out of it by herself. She is such a big girl now!