Monday, June 20, 2011

Hammock Time with My BFF

"More" swinging
Lounging at the party

Kyra has her own chair...
... and now Natasha has one too!
"Kyra, I love your bow"
Happy girls
Our little dare devil practicing "up/down"
Natasha and Kyra had a great time at our friend's engagement party on Saturday and they were getting a lot of attention from all the guests. They definitely knew how to entertain everyone with their cuteness. But the main attraction was the hammock. The girls went nuts sharing the hammock for some swing time. We did catch a cute video of the girls, but I am having trouble uploading it to my blog. Hopefully, we can get it up soon or I will let you know where you can find it. It is so much fun seeing our little girls interact with one another and begin to develop their life-long friendship!


  1. So cute!!!! Those girls are so adorable together! You got some good pictures - mine are a bit more off to the side. Can you send me a Shutterfly album with your pictures from the party?

  2. I love seeing Natasha and Kyra together.