Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunny Neigh Neighs

Riding the "bunny neigh neighs" at South Coast Plaza

I had no idea that SCP changes out the
horses for bunnies at Easter... so cute!

Miss Maggie

Loves going round and round...

Maggie, Allison and Tasha

Maggie had a great time too!

Checking out the Easter display... the Easter
bunny will be there next week!

Yesterday, Natasha and I met my friend, Allison and her daughter, Maggie at South Coast Plaza for lunch and a carousel ride. But, instead of "neigh neighs," there were bunny rabbits for Easter time! Natasha loved the "bunny neigh neighs," as she calls them. The Easter bunny was not there for pictures yet and I still don't know if I'll try this year for a picture. We are planning to go back there with Allison and Maggie (and her son, Jack), so maybe if Natasha sees them take a picture with the Bunny, she might want to do the same. But, I won't force her since she absolutely refused to see Santa last Christmas! I'm sure she would be just fine riding the "bunny neigh neighs" again and again!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rule of Life #8:

Never Miss an Important Party!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious baby girl!
Two muffins (and candles) on the morning of Natasha's birthday.

An Olivia themed party, since Natasha loves the show, Olivia!

Photo op table with Olivia cutouts, costumes,
pig ears and pig noses!

Goodie bags for the kids

The birthday girl decked out in her
personalized Olivia shirt and a tutu!

She is ready to start the party!

The bounce house all to herself... not for long!

I love this picture of her...

Posing for the camera

Our little princess

Uncle Matt and Tasha... I didn't realize this
until now, but they are coordinating!

Grandma Lou and Brooks

Dada, Tasha and Papa

Family photo

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday

She did try to blow out the candles, but needed a little help.

Yummy Yummy cupcakes!

"I finda Phil"

Opening the first present

"For mama"... thanks baby girl!

Miss Harper

Miss Madie enjoying the swing

Fiona and Tate at the photo op table...
Natasha is looking for her costume
(or just pulling everything out)
The little kids were kicked out of the bounce
house numerous times by the big kids.

Kiki taking a picture with Olivia (backwards)

Cam and Tasha

"Here Kiki, you be Darth Vader"

Gage and Will looking for their polaroids

We used our Polaroid camera for the photo op table
and the film is probably 6 years old, so the quality
of the pictures weren't great. But, the kids loved
when their photos popped out and had to wait
to show up.

Miss Sawyer... I swear she and Natasha are somehow related.

The adults having fun with the photo op table!

Gage and Will stopping for a second to have a snack.

Kiki getting to enjoy the bounce house before the big boys come back!

Our birthday girl at the end of the day... all smiles!

Thank you to everyone for celebrating Natasha's 2nd Birthday with us! She had a fabulous fun day, "Olivia" style. The weather was perfect for her backyard party. We had the bounce house up for all ages and a fun photo op table with Olivia cutouts and costumes. Once a couple of kids tried it out, then the rest of them wanted to try it out. It's funny because our kids are so used to digital cameras, iPhones, etc. that none of them have seen a Polaroid camera. It was fun to watch their faces when the photo just popped out in no time. Unfortunately the film was a little old, so the quality was not great. But I think it just makes the pictures look a little vintage. They were all excited to take their photos home with them. Natasha had such a wonderful time with her family and friends that she is still talking about her party. She wants to open more presents, eat "happy birthday" cupcakes, bounce in the bounce house and try on hats. It was a perfect day!

This morning Natasha had her 2 year check up and she is doing great. Here are her stats:

Weight: 27 lbs. 7 oz. (55-60th percentile)
Length: 35" (80th percentile)
Head circumference: 48 cm (70th percentile)

She did not like stripping down to nothing to be weighed and measured. But with a diaper on, the rest of the check up went great and she was chatting with Dr. Cox. No vaccines at this appointment, but they did prick her foot to draw blood to test her cholesterol and Hemoglobin. Both came out normal, so she is a very healthy 2 year old. Dr. Cox said that summertime would be the perfect time to start potty training... phew that still gives me a couple of months to read some books on that and get prepared!

I still can't believe we have a two year old. She is turning into such a little girl who brings us smiles and laughter every day. The things she says amazes us. Natasha is a nurturer who wants to change her doll's diaper, pushes them around in a stroller and feed them food. But she is also very much her father's daughter who now wants to watch basketball with him before bed, dig in the dirt and jump like a crazy person on the couch. She is the love of our life!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Almost Two!

Happy Birthday, Natasha (almost)!
Today at Toddler Time we celebrated Natasha's birthday.
She picked out the chocolate cupcake and placed
two candles on top. We all sang Happy Birthday to her.
By the photos, she doesn't seem all that impressed.
But, when the song was over she came back to me to
sit on my lap and with a big smile, she said "Again!"

She was a little shy when we all sang to her.

My silly girl at snack time.

Enjoying her green muffin.
Phone camera + an always on-the-go toddler = blurry photos...

Trying out the trike at play time

Starting to get the hang of it. She is getting a new
shiny red one for her birthday...
shhh, don't tell her!