Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warm Winter Days

Park days:
Danger monkey!

Yes, she climbed this all by herself!


Swinging... these are a few of her favorite things!

Armstrong's Garden Center:

Running in the sun

Fun at Mimi and Papa's:
She loves water... can't wait for pool/beach days

Yup, she wanted her clothes off.

This is how she rolls:
Shades and her entourage...

At Stroller Strides with Muno, puppy and dolly

Popsicle Days: Everday!
She loves popsicles
Messy face... but a cute one!

Shopping: At home
She cleaned us out!

There is all our food!

Grandma Thursdays:
Blowing bubbles in the backyard
Great aunt Mary visited from Minnesota

Fun with the tunnel

Cereal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Natasha LOVES cereal!

And this is why she eats it outside... just kidding!

As you can see, we have had some great warm winter days, as well as some cold ones. Natasha and I even went to the pool one day to soak up some of that warm sun. I would have taken pictures, however our little fishy loves the water so much I didn't trust her alone in the water while I grabbed my camera. I'm sure there will be some pictures this summer when we spend most of our days at the pool. Natasha started gymnastics last week at Cal-Elite. We will be going every Tuesday for a half hour. She had a good time, but like everything else, it takes awhile for her to warm up to it. It is a parent and me class, so very hands on and therefore I couldn't get any photos. Hopefully as she gets more comfortable with the class I will be able to snap a few. Well, we are expecting some rain at the end of this week, but I sure do hope the summer weather returns (or at least is dry) the next weekend for Natasha's 2nd Birthday!


  1. I love that she cleaned out your pantry! Hilarious! I'm saving Kyra's shopping cart until we move (so that she has some new toys to be excited about) so, based on Natasha, maybe I shouldn't even bother organizing the cupboard right away!

  2. Correct! She will just do it over and over again. It's really only two shelves that she can access in the pantry.