Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got Flip

Keeping cool under our new canopy
(for tailgating this fall at the UCLA games)

Natasha lounging in her UCLA chair

Mama and Natasha napping after a day in the sun

I'm how old!


Checking out the new couch!

After dinner cat-nap

Daddy and Natasha

Natasha turned 4 months on Saturday and we just bought a Flip video camera to capture our precious little girl's milestones. Hopefully, these videos I posted work... we will see. Anyhoo, we are off to North Dakota for the weekend and will be bringing our Flip with us. We hope to get Natasha into the pool on Saturday before we head over to the Country Club for the wedding. Our little pumpkin is doing so well. She sleeps well, eats well, babbles up a storm, gives us lots of smiles and little laughs and lets us know when she is not happy by exercising those lungs of hers. I think we are entering the world of teething soon. Even though, we won't see teeth for another couple of months, Miss Natasha has been doing her fare share of drooling and she loves gnawing on those little hands of hers. I don't think her fussiness is related to her teething, but just in case I did pick up some Hyland's Teething Tablets for our trip.

Check back next week for some photos and videos of our trip!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My 30th Birthday and 3 Month Pics

Thank you Elizabeth for my wonderful cake!

Lighting ALL 30 candles

Can't tell you my wish

Miss Baylee

Miss Tia with her boo-boo

Kiana and Maxx

The bounce house was a big hit... one day Natasha will get to enjoy it!

The Tipdawgs?

Pops and I

Joliene and Ron playing Beirut

Look at that buddha belly

Nice drool, Miss Natasha

So freakn' cute!

Lounging on the Boppy

Tummy time... and she rolled over for the first time!

In celebration of my 30th birthday we had a BBQ Bash at our home with our family and friends. We had great weather (before the heat wave peeked it's ugly head), delicious food (thanks to my hubby) and refreshing beverages... mojitos (we have an abundance of mint growing)! Everyone had a great time and will be invited back for our annual Oktoberfest this fall!

Our baby girl Natasha is going to be 4 months old this Saturday. Where does the time go? She has been sleeping great at night (9pm to 4 or 5am) and she rolled over for the first time on Sunday! She hasn't done it since, but you can tell she is trying since she is not a fan of tummy time. I can get her to stay on her tummy long enough to snap a few cute photos, but that's it.

Next week, Natasha will take her first airplane ride as we travel to North Dakota for a cousin's wedding celebration. I have received a few good tips from friends who have traveled with babies, so hopefully we have a smooth trip there and a smooth trip back.

Wish us luck and I will post some 4 month photos in the next week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

American Cutie Pie, Beer Pong and Fireworks!

Waiting for the 4th of July Parade to start

Reserving a spot for the festivities

American Cutie Pie

Cam Cam

Nicole and Cameron

The trouble-makers, Maxx and Tia

Natasha checking things out

Kiana enjoying some graham crackers

Beer Pong!

Shawn and Zac

Tia and some chocolate raisins

Dad and Natasha

Tia, Desi & Kiana

Natasha had a great first 4th of July in Ladera! We started the day with a family walk to watch the parade... we ended up joining my cousin, Nicole and kids in the parade. Chauncey was a huge hit. So many people commented on the "cute bulldog" as we walked by. Next year, I will make sure he is wearing some red, white and blue! Later in the afternoon, we had a BBQ at my cousin's house and then walked over to the park to take in the festivities before the fireworks. It also was the 10th Anniversary of Ladera Ranch, so there was an 80's band playing, concession stands and a SPECTACULAR fireworks display! Zac partook in some beer pong as well. We were not sure how Natasha would handle the fireworks, so we were prepared to make a run for it after the first one if she got scared. But she ended up being mesmerized by them. We stayed for the whole show and made the walk home and basically passed out. We are very proud of Natasha for not fussing too much and staying up passed her bedtime to watch the fireworks.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. And I will post more 3 month photos soon... I promise.