Tuesday, July 6, 2010

American Cutie Pie, Beer Pong and Fireworks!

Waiting for the 4th of July Parade to start

Reserving a spot for the festivities

American Cutie Pie

Cam Cam

Nicole and Cameron

The trouble-makers, Maxx and Tia

Natasha checking things out

Kiana enjoying some graham crackers

Beer Pong!

Shawn and Zac

Tia and some chocolate raisins

Dad and Natasha

Tia, Desi & Kiana

Natasha had a great first 4th of July in Ladera! We started the day with a family walk to watch the parade... we ended up joining my cousin, Nicole and kids in the parade. Chauncey was a huge hit. So many people commented on the "cute bulldog" as we walked by. Next year, I will make sure he is wearing some red, white and blue! Later in the afternoon, we had a BBQ at my cousin's house and then walked over to the park to take in the festivities before the fireworks. It also was the 10th Anniversary of Ladera Ranch, so there was an 80's band playing, concession stands and a SPECTACULAR fireworks display! Zac partook in some beer pong as well. We were not sure how Natasha would handle the fireworks, so we were prepared to make a run for it after the first one if she got scared. But she ended up being mesmerized by them. We stayed for the whole show and made the walk home and basically passed out. We are very proud of Natasha for not fussing too much and staying up passed her bedtime to watch the fireworks.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th. And I will post more 3 month photos soon... I promise.

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