Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tasha Tasha Tasha

 Safety day at swim lessons
Ready to swim 

Big jumps 

She could do this all day 

Swimming back to the wall 

Having a snack after a long swim session 

Face painting 

Tasha and Noelani 

Tasha and Kayley in the bounce house on the 4th 
Kiki and Tasha 


Our little Angel fan 

And Nikolaus' biggest fan (and vice versa)

It has been a while since I have posted about our little fish or a "little octopus," as Natasha would like to be referred to when swimming.  She is a character.  Anyways, Natasha finished her swim lessons for the summer back in May and she is amazing.  Natasha can jump into the pool, swim, flip over into a back float to catch her breath and flip back over to swim to us or a wall.  She is definitely comfortable in the water.  I still feel the need to stay in the pool with her just in case, but her ability to swim has helped me manage two kids in the pool at the same time.  Natasha has been having some great fun with friends this summer.  It's great to have girls her age, close by, to have regular play dates with. It is so cute seeing her interact with friends and her little brother.  Yes, Natasha still loves Nikolaus.  And he loves her, even after all the smothering and bossing she does.  This sassy three year old makes us laugh everyday and drives us crazy at the same time.  But we are so blessed that she is ours.

Here are some Tasha Tells It All stories:

Tasha: What's that line?
Me: Where?
Tasha: On your forehead.
Me: It's called a wrinkle
Tasha: Who gave it to you?
Me: You!  (Zac cracking up in the other room)

Tasha: Can we buy some plums.
Me: Yes, we can buy you some plums.
Tasha: Plums are purple.
Me: Yup.
Tasha: Say "how do you know that"
Me: Okay, how do you know that?
Tasha: Cause I just do!

Tasha: Mommy, can you please get me a snack.
Me: What would you like?
Tasha: I don't know.  You figure it out.

Tasha: One day I will be a mommy and you will be my baby.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Steamboat in the Summer

Headed to Colorado
 Nikolaus first time on a private jet

 Morning hike

Fun at the beach 

 Nikolaus loves the outdoors
 Feeding the horses

 Natasha had a great time throwing sticks in the
water for Cooper to retrieve

 Lounging on the beach
Riding the Gondola

Natasha enjoyed the ride

"More Puffs"

Natasha being silly
Beautiful view
Beautiful family

 Father's Day hike

Happy Father's Day, Zac! 

  Natasha was more interested in picking flowers than actually hiking

 The end to a great weekend!

We had an amazing time in Steamboat, Colorado over Father's Day weekend.  The weather was warm and the scenery was beautiful, as always.  Natasha and Nikolaus did great on the plane ride over and had no problem settling in at the Flying L.  Natasha managed to lock herself in one of the bathrooms, but daddy talked her through and she was free in no time.  And she did slip while playing in the pond with Cooper and mommy had to run in (fully clothed) to rescue her. Other than that we had no other hiccups in our trip.  Matt, Elizabeth and Brooks were great hosts and it was just a fun weekend away with family!