Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunny Neigh Neighs

Riding the "bunny neigh neighs" at South Coast Plaza

I had no idea that SCP changes out the
horses for bunnies at Easter... so cute!

Miss Maggie

Loves going round and round...

Maggie, Allison and Tasha

Maggie had a great time too!

Checking out the Easter display... the Easter
bunny will be there next week!

Yesterday, Natasha and I met my friend, Allison and her daughter, Maggie at South Coast Plaza for lunch and a carousel ride. But, instead of "neigh neighs," there were bunny rabbits for Easter time! Natasha loved the "bunny neigh neighs," as she calls them. The Easter bunny was not there for pictures yet and I still don't know if I'll try this year for a picture. We are planning to go back there with Allison and Maggie (and her son, Jack), so maybe if Natasha sees them take a picture with the Bunny, she might want to do the same. But, I won't force her since she absolutely refused to see Santa last Christmas! I'm sure she would be just fine riding the "bunny neigh neighs" again and again!

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