Thursday, November 14, 2013

11 Months

I thought that the blocks I was using to take
his monthly pictures would work for every month, but I don't
have two #1 blocks to make an "11."  So, this will
have to do.

 Trying to climb over the gate

Nothing will stop this kid
 Mommy-N-Me music class

Possibly another drummer in the family 

Loves parks!
 Pumpkin fun at Roger's Gardens

Our two 'lil pumpkins 

Trying to get to the fountain... I don't have a picture,
but Nikolaus left shirtless.
Water table fun in November at Mimi's house

What kid doesn't like a cardboard box to play in?
Family pic
 Nikolaus playing with his (early) birthday present...
Thank you Ado Erika!
 Back at the park
Two more weeks and our mister man is going to be one!  Seriously, where in the world did this year go?  Nikolaus is still active as ever and I don't think he is going to slow down.  He is not walking yet, but has taken up to five steps by himself.  Nikolaus is also learning how things (cupboards, drawers, etc.) open and close.  He has discovered the Tupperware cabinet and loves to "rearrange" it for us.  And since he is getting into everything, his sister has already banned him from her room unless we hold him the whole time.  I see many confrontations and slammed doors in my future.  We can't wait to celebrate his first birthday in two weeks and we will celebrate it with a big feast (since his birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year)!   

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