Wednesday, September 25, 2013


  Meet and Greet at Preschool
  Checking out some of the puzzles at her new school
Daddy came too!
She loves the dollhouse

First official day of Preschool

Being silly
Excited for her first day!
Off she goes...
... Such a big girl! 
Yellow day at preschool

Natasha has been in school for two weeks now and she loves it.  And to be honest, I love it too!  I do miss her, but it is a nice break and it gives me a little extra one on one time with Nikolaus.  I am also just so excited for her.  I look forward to picking her up and trying to pry out of her what she did and learned.  Thank goodness her teacher posts what they did in school outside of their the classroom, so I have something to work off of.  So far, everyday has been "awesome" (Natasha's words, not mine).  She has already been super helper at school, which consists of setting the table for snack time and ringing the bell.  There is also a class bird, named Boomer.  And next week it will be our turn to take him home for the weekend.  Natasha has quite a few friends in her class that were in our parent and me class last year.  It was nice to see so many familiar faces on the first day of school.  But, Natasha was most excited to have one of her best friends in her class, Noelani!  These two girls get along great and between Stroller Strides and school, they see each other four days a week!  We are looking forward to a fun school year.  I still can't believe my baby girl is in preschool.  

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