Monday, August 22, 2011

Performer or Painter...

... or pick pocket-er

But what kid doesn't like to go through your purses or bags!

The performer... Natasha loves this stage at Fashion Island

The painter

What should I paint?
I found Poppy's paint brushes... all I need is a canvas

Poppy and Tasha

Natasha hit the jackpot

Natasha had a fun day last Friday with Mimi and Poppy. First we had lunch at Fashion Island and Natasha got to run around on her favorite stage. She loves running from one end to the other and spinning in circles. I think she gave Mimi a few scares when she got to close to the ledge. Then we went back to Mimi and Poppy's house and she had her way with all the paint brushes... again! This is a weekly ritual with her. Good thing the paint brushes are clean and the caps are all on the paint tubes. One day my dad wants to give her a blank canvas, some paint (child-friendly and washable, of course) and a brush and see what Natasha can do. Maybe she has a little artistic talent in her like her grandpa!

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  1. When she's ready, you should definitely put some paints and a canvas in front of her! I love that idea! A great Father's Day gift for your Dad!