Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Slides, UCLA and More

Which purse goes with my outfit?

Strutting down the runway

With Auntie Lizzy at our Tailgate Party... Go Bruins!

Natasha's new slide

Well, our camera is still in the shop and I am hoping it will be fixed this week. So, not very many pictures have been taken except with cell phones and our iPad. Natasha got a big surprise in the mail last week... a slide for our backyard. Thank you, Grandma Lou! Natasha loves to slide these days and she also loves the bounce house now. We had our first UCLA Tailgate Party at our home last weekend and it was a big hit with Natasha's friends and our friends too! The kids had so much fun in the yard and it was great seeing them interact with each other. This weekend I will try to capture the kids enjoying the bounce house and slide together, since we are having another tailgate party on Saturday.

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  1. Shaunna, I love when you update the blog and I get to see more photos of your adorable Natasha. I love the purses. What fun.