Friday, September 23, 2011


Natasha trying to take Noelani's snack

Natasha's first art project

Tasha and Noelani at snack time

Today was Natasha's first day of "School." Actually it was a Parent and Me Toddler Time class offered through Capo School District. We meet once a week for 14 weeks and it is a structured class that provides interactive play through crafts, music, language and movement. There are 20 kids total (and 20 mommies) and we are taking it with Natasha's friends, Noelani and Gage. Natasha had a great first day, but was definitely wiped out after class. This week's theme was "Apples." We started at 9:30 with interactive play. There were toy stations through out the room for the children to play with. Two tables were set up, one for playing with play-dough (apple pie scent) and the other with paint and "Apple" shaped cut-outs (as you can see above). After 45 minutes of free play we got the kids to clean up the toys and head to the middle of the classroom for circle time. We introduced ourselves and sang songs (most were about apples) for about 20 minutes. Then was snack time, which Natasha was waiting patiently for. During circle time she signed "cracker" a couple of times and said "snack" a few times too. But she was a good trooper and sat on my lap until it was snack time. The kids loved sitting at the table and eating their snacks. It was so cute to see. Once Natasha's belly was full, we sat down for one on one story time. This gave the other kids time to finish their snacks and kept the other kids out of the toy bins. After being indoors for almost an hour and a half we got the chance to take the kids outside for playground time. Of course, there was the jungle gym with swings and slides, but there were also cars and trikes for the kids to ride around on on the blacktop. With 10 minutes left of class, we went back inside for our closing circle time. It was kind of fun going back to school and I don't know who enjoyed it more, Natasha or myself! Next week's theme will be "Ducks."

We are off to beautiful Colorado for the weekend and tomorrow our little toddler turns 18 months. I can't believe Natasha will be 2 in six months! It makes me sad that she is growing up so fast. At this rate we should forget about where she will be going to preschool when she is three and decide on where she will go to college!

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