Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin City

Enjoying an apple before all the fun

"I think this is a good spot to finish my apple"


"They cannot have my apple"

Mini Merry-Go-Round

Train ride with Noelani

Nope... Noelani did not like it, so Tasha had to ride all by herself.

Noelani tried it again, but cried the whole time.

Happy girl on a bench

Two happy girls on a bench... don't worry, Noelani was fine after the train ride

"I like this pumpkin"

"So many to choose from... can I have them all?"

Silly girl at In-N-Out... yes, she polished off my fries!

For this week's Toddler Time class, we met at Pumpkin City for a field trip. I was so happy that the weather was a bit cooler, so Natasha could sport her Halloween gear. You might recall the tutu was from last year and I was so glad that she got to wear it again this year. Tasha's friend Noelani was also festive... I think they were the only two in the class that were dressed up! Afterwards we headed to In-N-Out for lunch and Noelani and Natasha entertained each other with peek-a-boo, giggles and silly hats. After finishing my fries, Tasha decided to put the empty fries' container on her head. Noelani thought it was so funny and then decided to one-up Tasha by putting her hamburger on her head... oh, these silly girls!

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