Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tasha and Kiki Take on IVC's Pumpkin Patch

"Hi, Kiki... I like your Halloween skirt!"

So strong

This one seems more her size

Fun on the rides

Another mini Merry-Go-Round... twice in one week

Friends on the carriage ride

This is how Natasha flies a plane... danger monkey!

Fun with drums in the Teepee

For Natasha's next trick she will hitch a ride on the back of the plane

Me and my little pumpkin

Tasha Tasha Tasha Tasha Tasha... Tasha Tasha Tasha... I guess after much repeating of Tasha's name, Kiki had to have another play date this week with her BFF, Tasha. Natasha and I met the Tippers at IVC's Pumpkin Patch this morning. The girls had so much fun together (as always) running around, picking up baby pumpkins, riding on the mechanical rides and drumming in the teepee. We can't forget about all the cute little giggles that these two produce together. It always puts a smile on our faces to see our little girls growing up together. We headed to the Spectrum for lunch and the girls got a chance to ride on the big Merry-Go-Round. It was another fun day with the Tippers and we can't wait to do it again!

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  1. Thanks for indulging Kyra's need to see her BFF! As usual, they had such a good time together!