Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Piggy Tails, Boots and More

Natasha has pig tails... love it!

Sporting the new boots

She wants to wear them all the time

Fun times at Maxx's Birthday

Sharing the trampoline with Cam

Following Maxx to the foam pit... but Natasha stopped at the edge.

Running on the long trampoline

Brown eyed girl... I think she looks a lot like Cam in this picture.

Future gymnast

Piggy tails

Jumping with cousin, Kiana

Ready for Thanksgiving in Colorado... hopefully there
will be snow because this snow bunny is ready

Natasha's art project from a couple of weeks ago... glittery pumpkin!

Last week's art project... stamping with leaves from our backyard

And Natasha's masterpiece

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  1. What a fun set of photos. I love how Natasha is so busy. She is doing so much.