Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Summer Bucket List

 Bucket List #1: Pool Day (Rancho Santa Margarita Lagoon). 
This was followed by many pool days.
 Bucket List #2: Watch Fireworks (at Woodbridge Lake). 
 Happy Independence Day!
 Bucket List #3: See Inside Out.  Best movie of the summer.
This was also Nikolaus' first movie in the theater.
He did great with a little popcorn and Skittles.
 Bucket List #4: Beach Day (Newport Beach). 
Had a great beach day with Zac's cousin and his family. 
Big waves, but that didn't stop the kids from splashing
 in the surf and looking for sea shells.
 Bucket List #5: Arts and Crafts Day.  Using the sea shells
we found from our beach day, the kids painted them
and then we glued them onto a mirror and a small wooden box.
 Bucket List #6: Go to an Angels Game. 
 Supported Brooks' Smile Train tailgate
 and then watched the Angels win. 
Adam's summer bucket list included taking
a photo with our bucket list.  Check and check.
 Bucket List #7: Water Park (in Ladera). 
 Best way to beat the heat... splashing around with friends.

 Bucket List #8: Play Date with Friends (Baby Beach on Balboa)
We love playing with our cousins!

 Bucket List #9: Ice Cream Treat. 
 First ever Balboa Bars for the kids. 
They loved them and I enjoyed one too.
 Bucket List #10: Baking with Mommy. 
 Lots of fun, but very messy. 
Might be a while before we do that again. 
We made blueberry muffins and a raspberry cream cheese tart.
 Bucket List #11: Family Movie Night.  Minions movie. 
 Zac took the day off and we had a great family day.
 Bucket List #12: Make Snow Cones. 
Using the old school Snoopy Snow Cone Machine. 
Kids loved it!
 Bucket List #13: Park Day (Rocket Ship Park in Laguna). 
 Our favorite park to visit with our cousins.
 Bucket List #14: Go to Breakfast. 
These kiddos loved their silver dollar pancakes. 
I love breakfast, period.
Bucket List #15: Kid's Choice. 
Natasha chose a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific. 
We went the day before she started Kindergarten...
Perfect end to our summer.
My friend, Shellie does a summer bucket list every summer with her kids.  So, this year I thought I would do the same.  I asked her if I could use her ideas and the very next day there was a surprise waiting on my doorstep.  Shellie had printed them out and delivered them to me.  There were at least 30 bucket list items to choose from.  I'm glad that we got at least 15 of them done.  It was nice to have some fun ideas to break up all the time we spent at the pool.  Besides the bucket list, Natasha had a camp at her preschool, she continued dance and swim lessons, and she kept pretty busy hanging out with friends and family.  Nikolaus also had swim lessons and had fun hanging out with his "buddies" and family.  Now we are in full swing of Kindergarten and soccer season.  But, we are still enjoying some pool days since our summer weather has decided to stick around a bit longer.


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