Monday, September 7, 2015

Alice in Wonderland

 Looks like the Easter bunny came to Mimi's house
 Alice and Wonderland came too!
  Nik liked Alice. The Easter Bunny?  Not so much.
 Face painting
Corn hole 

 A shark for Nikolaus
 Oldest cousin, Maxx with youngest cousin, Nikolaus
 Cousin Tia
 Cousin Kiana
 Natasha's turn
 Bubble fun

And of course, she chose a Christmas holly design for Easter. 
To each and their own.
It was quite an Easter celebration at Mimi's house this year. My cousin, Nicole (an event planner) planned the family dinner.  It was definitely geared towards the six cousins, but the adults had a great time relaxing and eating while the kids were being entertained.  It was definitely a day we would never forget.

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