Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tasha Tells It All

Tasha in her German dirndl dress
Seeing her first movie in the theaters - Cinderella
Mother's Day Tea at Preschool

Dad and Tasha at Father's Day Festivities at Preschool
Freeing our butterflies - Science project
Seeing cousin Maxx in the musical, Seussical Jr.

Last Preschool Performance

Natasha and her bestie

Can't believe she is a Kindergartner now

Last Parade at Preschool

First dance recital - So proud of Natasha

Our little free spirit at music class
All of a sudden our little girl turns five and then becomes a Kindergartner.  Her last couple of months of preschool were busy and filled with fun. 
Tasha Tells It All:
At the newspaper vending machine:
Tasha: Do you put a coin in and win a magazine?
At Cold Stone with Zac:
Tasha: what are you going to get?
Zac: I'm making my own.
Tasha: You are going to make your own? How are you going to get back there (behind the counter)?
At camp:
Miss Misti: I love your dress, Natasha.  Where can I find a dress like that?
Tasha: Well, you just have to pop into Bloomingdales to find it. 

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