Thursday, September 10, 2015

Me, Nik

  Having fun in the bounce house
 Out to breakfast with these two monkeys
 You have a ways to go...
Nikolaus wanted to pose with Tasha's sign.
 A boy and his dog
 "I'm pooping"
  Finger painting fun
 Down time with Hershey
 Nikolaus actually sitting with the other kids and not with me.
 He loves Toddler Time
 "Whatcha thinking about, Nik?"
  He figured out that one pretty quickly
 Let it go!  Dress up and concert with friends.
   Second year of swim lessons to get water safe...
and he is a fish just like his sister.
   Last day of Toddler Time.  We will miss Ms. Dawn...
  ... and Ms. Kristi.  BEST program ever!
Blowing bubbles
Me, Nik (how he refers to himself) is a full on talker now.  He is catching up to Natasha with his constant chatter.  It has been great to hear his voice and his opinions. It has not been so great when Nikolaus and Natasha try to talk over one another.  Nikolaus has really developed socially over the last couple of months.  He plays very well with others, especially Natasha.  But, he also plays well independently.  Nikolaus has a couple of good "buddies" that he sees on a regular basis at Stroller Strides.  Even though, he goes off and plays with his friends he is still my sweet boy who holds my hand, wants to be held time to time, and cuddles with me.  Nik did have a 2 1/2 year well check with Dr. Cox and he is right where he needs to be on all levels.  She was very happy by his increased vocabulary from his last check up.   
Since Nikolaus is talking more it is only fair to include some of his sayings.  So, without further adieu:
Me, Nik Tells it All:
Nik: la la, melmo's werk (singing Elmo's World)
Nik: knock, knock
Me: who's there?
Nik: neigh neigh
Me: neigh neigh who?
Nik: neigh neigh, NEIGH!!! (followed by laughter from all of us)

Pointing at people in pictures:
Nik: daddy, sis, mommy and me, Nik!
Me: who are you?
Nik: me, Nik!
Nik: me, Nik try this first
Nik: me, Nik no nap
Nik: a ding dong a me, Nik (ringing the bell on his trike)

Putting his hands in his pockets:
Nik: I got pockets on. You got pockets on?

Nik (counting): two, six, three, one, blast off!

Nik: me chips and bacamole (guacamole)

Singing "Head, Shoulders..."
Nik: head, shoulders, doh-doh (penis), knees and toes.

This is by far my favorite age (it was for Natasha too).  I wish I could just keep Nikolaus two for a little while longer.  I am looking forward to another year of Mommy and Me with Nik before he starts preschool next fall.  It will be here before we know it, so for now I will just hold him as much as I can (even if it is babying him, as Zac says I do).  If we don't end up having another baby, I might just go and adopt a two year old. 

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