Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's on the menu, Ma?

Fresh from our garden
Home grown bell pepper

Home grown cucumber...

... and tomatoes!

I'm ready to eat!
What am I having tonight?

Sweet Potatoes!

Miss Natasha might not be ready for the fresh veggies from our garden, but so far she is loving sweet potatoes, bananas and butternut squash. I'm making carrots and pears for her to try next week, along with mashed avocados... YUM YUM! Other than trying new foods, Natasha is now a tummy sleeper. We put her to bed on her back and in a matter of seconds she rolls over to her tummy. She is great at grabbing things and shows much interest in the remote control (even has changed the channel a couple of times... to cartoons!). Also, she is mastering putting her binky back in her mouth (the right way)... we think she is bright! And maybe, music is in her future, because she is really enjoying our music classes and the music table that we are borrowing from her friend, Jack Yabroff.

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  1. Shaunna, I always look forward to your blog updates. I love seeing your beautiful daughter grow.