Monday, May 16, 2011

Beginning of May

Wow, we are already done with half of May... where did the time go! Well, here are some photos (quite a bit actually) of Natasha from this month so far. Enjoy!

Park Days:

Pool Days:

Yes, she loves the pool, but still not bath time.

However, she doesn't mind the shower.

I love this photo... it looks like she is about to do a cartwheel.

Warms Days:

Check out those tan legs! Yup, definitely got mama's skin tones!


Bike Days:

So far, just one bike ride (Mother's Day).

She liked it only half the time!

Garden Days:

She loves helping daddy in the garden (especially playing in the dirt)!

"Can I help water?"

"Look at me help!"

"I even have my own watering can"

Yup, those are bare feet walking on the gravel and the bark...

she has some extra padding on those chunky feet!

The outcome...

Fresh cucumbers and green beans (much more veggies and fruits to come)!

Zoo Day:

Checking out the gorillas

Natasha loved the ducks and the other birds!

The birds protecting their nests and possible babies...

Pink Flamingos


  1. I love all these photos! What a busy and talented little girl!

  2. I love all the new pictures! She's such a cutie! Where's that splash pad? It looks fun! I can't wait to see her walking around! That picture of the two of you kissing is priceless!