Saturday, December 24, 2011

21 Months

Growing up so fast... only 3 more months until 2!

Making funny faces... thanks Yo Gabba Gabba

New addition this year... our Festivus pole

"Are these presents for me?"

Fun at Grandma's house

"Big ba woon"

Learning to dunk cookies with dada


Natasha is 21 months today and it's Christmas Eve. This sure will be a fun Christmas for our little toddler. She loves everything to do with Christmas, well except for meeting Santa. Last night we drove around Ladera with Grandma Lou, Gigi (Natasha's great grandma) and Yvonne (another Gigi) to look at all the lights. And as a special surprise we turned Natasha's car seat around to forward facing so she could enjoy the lights too! Yights! Yights! Yights! Natasha loved all the bright lights and decorations. Afterwards we came back home for dinner and entertainment and by entertainment, I mean Natasha performed for us all. Natasha was dancing, spinning in circles, acting, blowing kisses and much much more. She is such a little ham. Some of her phrases this month are:

  • "Up top": when giving a high five, followed by knuckles and a "boom"
  • "Hold on tight": when sitting on dada's shoulders
  • "Loveys": for I Love You
  • "Hi dada. Hi mama. Hi...": saying "hi" to specific people
  • "Brobee is sleeping": when asked what her new toy, Brobee is doing
  • "Help me": when she needs help with something
  • "Other room": when she wants to ditch us
  • "More Surprise": we went to s surprise party and she loved it. She wanted us to keep doing the surprise over and over again. And since she is such a sponge at this age she learned to say "surprise poop."
And just in time for Christmas, "open a present." Natasha knows what's going on... She is one smart cookie. Thanks for checking in on our little girl and we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas Natasha. You sure are a cutie.