Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girl Party with Tasha and Kiki

Tasha and Kiki had a girl party last Saturday night while
Jackie, Geoff, Zac and I went to a wedding. Since our usual
babysitter, Grandma Linda was also attending the wedding,
Carol and Phil Tipper got the pleasure of watching both girls
for the night... and I'm not sure who had more fun.

"Running in circles with ribbon" was one of the activities
that Kyra had planned for the "girl party with Tasha"
Looks like Natasha likes running in circles with ribbon

Watching a video of Natasha blowing raspberries when
she was a baby... obviously she thinks it's hilarious!
"More Tasha"

So cute... BFFs
What are friends for if you can't lean on them!

Dinner with Phil... Natasha wasn't trilled about sitting in the
high chair, but she sat happily on Phil's lap during dinner.

Climbing the stairs... I think this was another
activity that Kyra had planned

That's our daughter making herself at home... ha!


Bath time fun!

Our smiley girl

Those eyes... beautiful!

And the aftermath of Tornado Tasha and Kiki

Story time!

Natasha did great with her first sort-of-sleepover with someone other than mama, dada or grandma. I say sort of because she did fall asleep at "Kiki's house", but Zac and I picked her up after the wedding to take her home. I don't know what was cuter, seeing all these adorable pictures of the girls together or seeing Carol and Phil's faces as they told us all about the night's events! They were so giddy when we came and picked up Natasha and Carol had already narrowed down all the pictures and sent them out on Shutterfly. I don't know if they ended up going to sleep that night. I was so happy to hear that Natasha did great and didn't seem to be missing us at all. There were a few times where she did ask for me and got a little sad, but then she signed cracker and was fine. I guess it's comforting to know that I can easily be replaced by a cracker... Ha!


  1. Those girls had so much fun together! Kyra keeps asking for another "girl party with Tasha." We'll have to get them together again soon.

  2. If you all want to go for another night out together again, we are available. Your Natasha and Kyra are adorable together.