Friday, March 8, 2013

Tasha Tells It All

Tasha: Come on Shaunna, work with me.

Tasha: What you said?

Zac: What are you watching?
Tasha: Come see, you will like this one.

Tasha (to me): What are you doing to daddy's son?

Tasha: This is my dude! (referring to Nikolaus)

Tasha: What was that noise?
Me: Your tummy made that sound
Tasha: I think there is a turtle in there.
Me: How did a turtle get in your belly?
Tasha: Through my belly button.  And the turtle is going fast fast fast.  But the baby turtle is going slow.
(such a little story teller)

Tasha: I'm so excited about the future!

Pictures of Tasha from the past month:
Swinging at the park

At Pretend City

Making a craft

Giving Nikolaus some love

Taking her baby for a stroll

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