Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tasha Tells It All

Zac: Is your hair in a bun?
Tasha: It's a hair bun, not a hot dog bun.

Addy (Natasha'a friend): What is Nikolaus doing?
Natasha: He is up to no good.

Me: Nikolaus, are you being a bad boy?
Natasha (singing): Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Tasha: Mommy, did you go shopping?
Me: Yes, I bought some berries for our smoothies.
Tasha: Good job, mom... You remembered!

Tasha: (While playing dress up at Mimi's house) Is Papa coming back?
Mimi: No, honey, Papa is in heaven.
Tasha: Did he pack up all his stuff?  Gotta love her!

Frozen just ended:
Zac: Are you going to watch it again?
Tasha: No.  And you and mommy can't watch it.
Zac (singing): "Let it go..."
Tasha: Okay, you can watch it if you want to.

Tasha: Brooks spilled!
Uncle Matt: What did Brooks spill?
Tasha:  He spilled his pee pee.

Tasha: Mommy, when am I going to be five?  I'm so bored of being four.
Me (in a sarcastic tone): I'm sorry you are so bored of being four.
Tasha: I like being four, but I'm a little bored of it.
Me: Oh, boy.

 Loves her ballet/tap combo class
(we are taking a break from gymnastics to try this out)
 Loved meeting Rapunzel
Her crazy hat that she made for "crazy hat day" at school

Cherry face

 Can't believe her first year of school is over :(
 Tasha and Noe at the mall...last day of school

Meeting and holding her new baby cousin, Everly! 

 Dress up at Mimi's

On the go with her Olaf balloon

Meeting and holding Ben's & Ingrid's new baby, Aksel.

 Lucky girl, got to hang out with Aksel again... slightly obsessed with babies.
She is in heaven

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