Tuesday, September 30, 2014

22 Months

Found the only mud puddle at the park 
Yes, you are a mess. 

 First day of Mommy and Me... so big!!

 Loved the cars, race tracks and dinosaurs, but he
 really enjoyed the kitchen and feeding the baby.

This past weekend, Zac was away for a boy's trip and Natasha had a sleepover at grandma's, so that left Nikolaus and I with a lot of one on one time.  We went out to dinner and had a trip to Target for last minute stuff for our trip.  The next morning we went to breakfast and then headed to Zoomars to feed the animals.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

Mommy-son date at Daphne's...
he devoured a plate of hummus and pita in no time. 
Mommy-son date continued at Ruby's for breakfast...
ate my eggs and bacon and left me with most
of the blueberry pancakes (seems like a fair trade)
Running to Zoomars
 Nikolaus LOVED feeding the animals

I had to buy two baskets of food.  At one point Nikolaus tried to fit
 his head through there just to pet the sheep and goats.
 Train ride
 Following the big kids on the hay bales... monkey see monkey do
Look the hair on this one... Nikolaus loved the guinea pigs.
Me and my little man
A beautiful day in San Juan Capistrano

Nikolaus is 22 months and that means only 2 months until he is 2!  Lately he seems like such a big boy to me (despite the grunting and no words).   Most of the time he thinks he is four and can do pretty much whatever his big sister can do.  Nikolaus is quite the thrill seeker at the park these days.  He has learned to climb up ladders and he is starting to walk up and down steps without holding on to anything.  Even though he likes to explore, it melts my heart when he turns to find me and reaches for my hand to hold his, so we can walk together.   Nikolaus is still a great eater and sleeper and might have a gift for picking football teams.  He currently is in 5th place in Zac's office pool.  Although, we are not close to potty training him yet, Nikolaus does let us know when he has gone potty in his diaper.  He has gotten so big so fast that it was time to sign him up for Mommy and Me preschool.  I did this same program with Natasha when she was 18 months old and loved it.  They do a wonderful job helping kids (and moms) transition to regular preschool.    I just hope he enjoys it as much as Natasha did!  We head to Washington DC on Thursday for a week.  We are very excited to be visiting our nation's capital, since we have never been before.  Wish us luck... we are taking the kids with us!  
Likes: mud puddles, feeding animals, hummus, rocking with mommy or daddy
Dislikes: time-outs and not using real words to talk

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