Wednesday, July 29, 2015

January Fun

 Riding her new bike all the way to the Red Park.

 Monkey see, monkey do
 Fun in the dressing rooms

Parade Day at school

 Natasha joined Nikolaus and I at Toddler Time. 
Nikolaus loved having his big sis at his school.
 Nikolaus started coming out of his shell during circle times at school.

Natasha might have had something to do with that.

 Snack time
 Outside play time

It is hard to believe that Hershey was ever this little. 
Now Natasha has to sit in his lap.
It was a pretty mellow January for us... except for bringing home our puppy, Hershey.  Natasha returned to school three days a week and Nikolaus and I continued Toddler Time together.  We celebrated cousin, Brooks' 3rd birthday at a park with a train ride and we had a couple of fun play dates.  But, once Hershey joined our family we had to make sure we were not gone too long during the day.  I don't think there was any complaining though, since the kids love cuddling with Hershey and we do too!

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