Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pools, Trains, Chompers and More

 March proved to be a busier month for us. 
We did have some downtime... my little techie family

 Love this boy!
 Kids testing out Hershey's new pool. 
With the warm weather approaching,
Hershey needed something to help
him cool off.  It is kid approved too.
 Hershey didn't get much time in the pool. 
Nikolaus is becoming a little fish like his sister.
 Pony ride at Zoomars for Noe's 5th Birthday

 Besties riding the train... choo choo
Sweet friends (Noe, Tasha and Anabelle)

 Nik's first dentist appointment... He did awesome!
 "Me try."

Natasha's second dentist appointment...
She loved it and wants to go everyday.
Yes, she dressed herself.  Yes, she is a free spirit.
And yes, I pick my battles.
 Running on the stones by the Koi Pond at
Fashion Island... makes me nervous each time. 
 It's very shallow, but I don't want to be that
parent that needs to fish their kids out of the water.
We were lucky that day.
My littles and I having a fun day out while daddy was in Vegas.
 Transportation Parade at school.
 He is getting bigger and so is Natasha. 
Birthday month... the big 5!

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