Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Little Bademjan

My little Bademjan

Natasha is the size of an eggplant this week (25 weeks). For those of you that don't know Farsi, Bademjan means eggplant and it happens to be one of my favorite Persian dishes. This week Natasha is learning to distinguish right side up from upside down. This explains all the movement I have been feeling lately. Last Sunday, Zac got to feel Natasha for the first time. We were lying in bed watching TV and I told him to just rest his hand on my belly for awhile. Sure enough, she kicked his hand twice! Zac couldn't believe how strong she was. It was so cute and such a special moment.
My baby bump has definitely grown. I still have a lot of energy and keeping up with my exercise routine, but my hips are starting to hurt a bit at night from lying on my side and I have been having some trouble with my wrists and hands (carpel tunnel syndrome). My prenatal instructor told me that instead of sleeping with a body pillow (which compresses), I should sleep with a firmer bolster. I can also sleep on my back as long as it doesn't make me nauseous. In regards to my carpel tunnel syndrome, I should start wearing wrist guards to bed. So we will see if these tips work.
I had my 24 week check-up with my doctor last week and Zac and I both got our H1N1 vaccine (well I made Zac get one, since I had to get one). I took it like a champ, but Zac took it more like a chump (ZING!). My blood pressure and weight gain so far is fine and Natasha's heartbeat was great and wonderful to hear on the doppler. In 2 weeks I have to take the 1-hour glucose test to test for Gestational Diabetes. I'm not looking forward to drinking the sugary drink, since I don't drink soda anymore, but hopefully I will pass and not have to take the 3-hour test.
The nursery is almost complete... well the paint part of it. The crib was delivered yesterday, but the dresser won't arrive for another 4 to 6 weeks. At least we can assemble the crib and figure out what else we will need in the room. I started our baby registries (Babies R Us and Target). It's not complete, but it's a good start. The holidays have been keeping me occupied, so afterwards I will have more time to figure out everything we will need for Baby Natasha! Thank you for following our blog and I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!


  1. Shaunna you look great! I'm so happy Zac got to feel Natasha kick too  Talk to you soon.
    Love love

  2. You look great!!!
    Happy Holidays!!

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  4. So exciting! Is she gonna be a socca playa? She issssssssss........

  5. Hopefully she will be a soccer player and a dancer!