Tuesday, December 8, 2009

23 Weeks and a Sneak Peak at the Nursery!

 Natasha is the size of a papaya

I am 23 weeks pregnant and I'm sure some of you are wondering what happened to week 22? Well, blame it on pregnancy brain, or the fact that work was super busy last week and I was too tired at night to update the blog. I'm pregnant, gimme a break. At week 22 baby Natasha is the size of a papaya and this week she will stay the same size but put on some more weight. Since Saturday night I have been feeling some strong movement from her. Especially when I am reading to her at night while lying in bed. On my way home from work today she was moving to the music I was listening to in the car. It's very exciting and I can't wait until the kicks and jabs can be felt from the outside so Zac can share these special moments too! This week baby Natasha's face is fully formed minus the baby fat. Loud noises that become familiar now - such as Chauncey's bark or the constant sports on TV - probably won't faze her when she hears them outside of the womb. I think she is already learning to tune out the sports commentators, just like her mommy! As for me, I'm still doing well except for some lower back pain that only occurs right before bed. It must be this cold weather. I haven't noticed swollen feet or ankles yet and hopefully I won't be sporting cankles during this pregnancy. The pictures (besides the papaya and bump progress) I posted are a sneak peak at Natasha's nursery. Our friend, Braulio started priming the walls on Monday and finished the green paint today. He will come back on Thursday and next week to finish the surprises we have in store for the nursery, so you will have to stay tuned!


  1. Love the wall color! I can't wait to see the surprises, even though I have a feeling that I know at least part of what's coming. It's going to look adorable! It's so exciting that you're feeling her moving around in there now!

  2. Love the green.... and love papaya...