Friday, February 19, 2010

33 Weeks and Natasha's BFF!

Natasha is the size of a honeydew!

 Natasha's BFF, Kyra

 Meeting Kyra for the first time

At 33 weeks, Baby Natasha is the size of a honeydew. I can tell it's getting cramped in there for her since I no longer feel kicks and jabs, more like rolls and pushing. I have also experienced the feeling of her having hiccups. It's pretty cute. At our appointment last Friday, my doctor told us she is head down, so hopefully this is her permanent position for the rest of my pregnancy. According to, Natasha may grow a full inch this week and her brain is developing like crazy. Her bones are hardening as well and when she is awake she will start to keep her eyes open. I'm still feeling pretty good although I am now having to get up 3 times a night to go to the bathroom and I need to switch positions more frequently. I think this is why I'm so tired by the early evening...not getting a good night sleep. I might have to work in a nap to my daily routine. At least going to yoga twice a week now has helped my back pain, as well as taking Chauncey for a walk around the neighborhood everyday.

I've managed to keep pretty busy for being a stay-at-home mom. I always have something to do or people to meet. On Wednesday, I drove up to LA to visit Jackie and Geoff and to meet their beautiful baby girl, Kyra (aka Natasha's BFF). She is so precious and tiny. Kyra was perfectly content sleeping in my arms and every once in awhile gave me a few stretches and a smile. She was born on February 11th, so she is now over a week old. You can check out her birth story and more pics on the Tipper's blog

If I'm not out and about, then I am getting crafty. In my last post, I said I was going to change the lamp shade in Natasha's room since the lavender did not go with her color scheme. At first I was just going to paint it another color, possibly chocolate brown. But then I started looking at fabrics online and found this Giraffe print, so I ordered it. Once it came in, I got to work covering the lampshade (not the easiest thing I've tackled, but I love the way it came out). I also added the fabric to the nightstand in her room (I've had this nightstand since college and every time I got a new bedding set, I would change the front panel to match). I do have some extra fabric, so I will need to somehow make use of that. Maybe a pillow for the glider we will be getting next week! You will have to check out the blog to find out...Have a great weekend!


  1. Good job on the lamp shade…it’s perfect!

  2. Great job on the lampshade! It looks perfect! And I recognized that nightstand immediately! I love the giraffe print on there. I had a dream last night that you gave birth to Natasha early! We can't wait to meet her!

  3. GREAT job with the lamp! It's so cute! Didn't know you were so crafty!!