Monday, March 22, 2010

More Shower Pictures and Some Progress!

A wish jar for Natasha

Shower game - of course Carol Tipper (a math teacher) took this home!

Up close pictures of the onesies my guests designed
It says "Class on 2032 on the back"

The end results

Tomorrow will mark 38 weeks and Natasha is still baking. I had my weekly doctor's appointment last Friday and the nurse practitioner who checked me said I was still about 2-3cm dilated and my cervix was very soft. She asked me if I would like her "to stretch me to a 4" (sorry for the TMI), but I said "no thanks." I will just wait and see what happens on my own. Natasha is still down low "right in my vagina" as the NP said and I was experiencing a contraction while in the office. Since then I have had a few more each day. In the beginning they were just causing tightness in my abdomen, but now they are beginning to feel more like menstrual cramps. Oh joy! However they are so sporadic that I still think it will be another week. So now we just wait until they become stronger or I start to leak or start to bleed and then we head straight for the hospital.

At this point we will definitely be having an Aries baby, which makes Zac a little nervous. Aries are known to be adventurous, very energetic and confident. The first to take a risk, can be impulsive at times and impatient. Zac has been warned from a couple of people who think Aries women are a bit wild and crazy... we better lock the doors!

Another concern for Zac if we don't make it to our April due date is the birth of his daughter interfering with his annual March Madness Vegas trip. It will be a difficult decision, I'm sure between celebrating his daughter's birthday and watching basketball in Vegas with a bunch of dudes. As we approach the "safe" dates in March, I'm sure Zac is wiping the sweat off of his forehead and breathing a sigh of relief. Just trying to keep the "Larson Harmony" (as Uncle Matt puts it). In all honesty, Zac is very excited for Natasha's arrival and by age 10, Natasha will have a bracket for March Madness!

Stay tuned...

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  1. Age 10? As long as she can point and answer the question which one, I am sure Zac will have her filling out a bracket.