Monday, May 24, 2010

2 months old, already!

2 Months Old!

"I'm how old!"

"N" for Natasha

Hanging with the fam

Mommy and me snoozing on Saturday

Natasha is 2 months old today... how did this happen! My 2 month old has been sleeping in 3 to 4 hour increments every night. However that is with me sleeping with her on the futon in the guest bedroom. The last couple of nights I have gone back to swaddling her arms in to see if she would sleep a bit longer. It worked and she is sleeping closer to the 4 hour mark and even once slept 5 hours. I think with her hands free, she ends up waking herself up more frequently. So last night, she actually slept in her bassinet (unswaddled) for an hour and a half while Zac and I watched LOST. Then I fed her and swaddled her and then put her down in her bassinet and she slept for close to 4 hours (without me by her side)... hopefully we are onto something! But we all know she prefers to sleep on some one's chest the most (ahem... picture above).

I just love the pictures of her in her Bumbo! The "N" shirt was a gift from Zac'c cousin, Carolyn. She made it herself and is selling some of her stuff on It is super cute and the pattern on the "N" is of little pink giraffes. She also made me some matching cloth diapers, which I haven't had the chance to try. I will when Natasha is a little older!

This weekend Natasha will have another playdate with Kyra Tipper. Natasha will be about the age of Kyra when the two of them first met. So, it will be fun to see the 2 of them together and the difference in size! We will be hanging out by the pool, but I don'y think Natasha will go swimming quite yet. Probably louge around in the cabana and sun... hopefully we will have nice weather!

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!

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